Ascension Planet ~ RARE TRANSIT – Mars, Uranus and the North Node make an exact conjunction in Taurus in over 2000 years ~ Opening Of The Lions Gate Portal ~ August 1, 2022


Today we have a powerful celestial alignment as Mars, Uranus and the North Node are in exact conjunction in Taurus at 18 degrees, creating an 18:18:18 Portal of the 9.9.9. This alignment hasn’t happened in over 2000 years. This is ushering in the changing of the Guard as the Great Shift occurs into the New Golden Age of Eternal Life.

With these powerful alignments Solaris released a massive CME this morning sending Gamma Plasma Waves to Pachamama.  All Starseed Ground crew are really feeling these intense energies flowing in directly from the Great Central Sun. Our Solar Christos DNA is being activated with the codes and keys coming in from on high.

With the power f our all-mighty I Am presence and the Violet Ray we blaze this realm with the highest love and the highest light for the transfiguration and transformation of Gaia into the Universal Waystation of Multidimensional Light.

As conscious Co-Creators of Buddha Consciousness we collectively Keep the Vision of the New Heaven upon the New Earth and with Divine Will until full compression breakthrough. We are going Quantum in this Now…A’Ho!

Thank you to our Earth Angelics that joined us today for our first monthly distant remote healing ceremony of the Eagle and the Condor. We had 33 of our Tribe join us etherically from our Patreon Tribe and other supporters from all over this realm. It was a very powerful session. We began this morning at 11:11 am PST  and were joined by Walela, sacred hummingbird, dragonfly and nearing the end at 11:44 PM we were visited by beautiful Brother Bald Eagle as he circled overhead for several minutes. If you donated to us in June and didn’t receive an email from us please check your spam folder and all those that sent us a donation in July will receive and email from us in the next couple of weeks for our next remote Quantum Reiki/ Pranic Healing session at the end of August. We will also be posting on patreon when our next session is and to our youtube members. Namaste

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