The ZetaTalk Newsletter Issue 826, Sunday July 31, 2022 – Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond – July 30, 2022

Brink of Revolution

In 2011 the Zetas predicted sociological changes during the 8 of 10 phase, to include revolution. Thus it should be no surprise that revolution is emerging in many countries around the world. Starting in May when the people of Sri Lanka began stoning their politicians, the revolution fever has sparked and spread to European and Commonwealth countries and even to China. In Sri Lanka the Prime Minister was driven from his residence and forced to resign, fleeing the country into exile. 
Sri Lanka Leader Flees as Protesters Storm Home
July 9, 2022 Lanka’s President Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled his official residence shortly before protesters, angered by an unprecedented economic crisis, stormed and overran the compound. Huge crowds had surrounded the leader’s home to demand his resignation, blaming government mismanagement for the painful downturn. As protesters surged at the gates of the President’s Palace, troops guarding the compound fired in the air to hold back the tide until Rajapaksa was safely removed.

While the revolution in Sri Lanka was caused by corruption, the rich getting richer while the common man starves and cannot get Petrol for their cars, the Netherlands protests are over the government imposing the Global Warming precepts on the ability of the farmers to grow food. The whole kerfuffle over Global Warming and carbon emissions was from the start a Nibiru cover-up maneuver. Now that the world is facing starvation and the Nibiru Complex is visible, should we not just admit that Nibiru is real and heading for a passage? 
Enraged Farmers cause Chaos throughout the Netherlands. What’s Going On?
July 7, 2022 are farmers protesting in every possible way accompanied by a huge fleet of tractors, causing chaos throughout the country? In many parts of the Netherlands nitrogen emissions need to be reduced by 70 per cent, according to plans announced by the Dutch government at the start of June. Nitrogen emissions can cause acid rain and fertilizer washed into waterways can be a threat to marine life and an excess of nitrogen compounds — such as ammonia — affects the biodiversity in nature reserves. Farmers in the most vulnerable areas are given the options invest in sustainability or move away.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/31/2022: When Global Warming sprang up as an excuse to cover for the Earth changes that Nibiru would soon cause, we pointed out the flaw in the theory. Global Warming does not cause the dramatic increase in volcanic activity nor explain why the ground is heating from the bottom up. Nevertheless, Carbon Footprints came under attack to create the illusion of a solution, using coal as fuel became shameful, and even cow farts were suspect. Though starvation was on the horizon, it had not yet appeared. Now the conflict between allowing farmers to grow food and pushing the Global Warming theory has become open warfare. 

Outside of open revolution, which is coming next, what can the Dutch farmers do to feed their country? As we have repeatedly stated, control of the populace is the name of the game. Politicians do not fear riot and protest as long as the military and police will defend them and support their decisions. Even if obviously in the wrong, grim politicians determined to maintain their grip on power and be able to control the populace will refuse to compromise. This of course forces the inevitable, which is revolution and pushing the politicians aside. History is replete with these examples. 

An example of what is coming next is the revolution taking place in Sri Lanka. Corruption among politicians takes many forms – taking bribes to grease the wheels of corporations intent on profits, frankly stealing public funds, and remaining in office by election theft. When this malfeasance creates starvation and homelessness among the people, anger boils over and revolution begins. The world is arriving at this point in many countries. The 7 of 10 Plate Movements are overlapping with the 8 of 10 sociological changes we predicted, which included revolution. 

As the Strange Sounds site notes, the Netherlands protest has now spread in Europe to elsewhere around the world. Canada is dealing with a similar farmers protest, and earlier dealt with a truckers protest over Covid-19 rules which then spread to Australia. In normally well controlled China, rebellion is taking shape against the banks, which are limiting cash withdrawals. The Zetas have predicted that all banks and currencies will be bankrupt as the Pole Shift approaches. 
The Summer of Food Riots is Starting
July 7, 2022 freedom farmer protests in the Netherlands are growing into a global movement. It has now spread to Germany, Poland, and Italy in Europe, but also in countries across the world… Farmers and citizens collectively rise up to protest their governments’ destructive climate policies and other shortages that threaten livelihoods and the global food supply.Is Trudeau Intentionally trying to Cause a Food Shortage? Canada’s Nitrogen Policy will Decimate Canadian Farming
July 11, 2022 the truckers, will we soon see an army of tractors invade Ottawa? Because, much like in the Netherlands, Justin Trudeau is bringing in a nitrogen emissions cap that will absolutely decimate Canadian farming. In December 2020, the Trudeau government unveiled their new climate plan, with a focus on reducing nitrous oxide emissions from fertilizer by 30% below 2020 levels by 2030.

Whistleblowers for Freedom farmers have started protesting, demonstrations in Granada, Badajoz, Albacete. Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Poland and Spain, this is spreading fast and the mainstream media is pretending it is not happening.Whistleblowers for Freedom we stand: German farmers enter the Netherlands. Dutch farmers welcome the Germans as they roll into the Netherlands. Together we are stronger.

China Detains alleged Bank Fraud ‘Gang’ after rare Mass Protests
July 11, 2022’s rural banking sector has been hit hard by Beijing’s efforts to rein in a property bubble and spiralling debt, in a financial crackdown that has had ripple effects across the world’s second largest economy. The slowdown forced four banks in Henan province to freeze all cash withdrawals since mid-April, leaving thousands of small savers without funds and sparking sporadic demonstrations.

Off the Grid

As the pioneers in the past and the Amish demonstrate today, living off the grid is possible. Electricity can be generated from Solar Panels or the motion supplied by Windmills or flowingwater from Gutters or a nearby stream. The Nebraska Windmillor a Savonius is at ground level for ease of access. If the flow of electronics is gained from motion, one needs an Alternator that creates an electron flow from the motion. Direct Current is used for these basic setups, but the electronics for DC are also used in cars and trucks and camping and boating equipment. Plan on a 50 foot distance from the source of your current to the device needing current.

For heat when oil and gas are no longer available, one can use wood or dry brush for a fire or utilize methane from manure. Biogas from manure is a real busines

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