July 28, 2022: An Ugly, Twisted, Dark World Exposed for All Who Will See [videos]


Some things are right in front of our face and we don’t see them, but the blinders are getting ripped off and we’re being forced to look. A very ugly truth is apparent for those who can be honest with themselves. For the rest, how long can they live in denial? Tick tock.

I’m waiting… oh! I just remembered I was waiting to publish until I got the verdict on Tamara Lich. The judge let her off with bail and she is out of jail. Now what about reparations for the appalling miscarriage of justice? She should never have been incarcerated for nearly 50 days for being a patriot expressing her opinion and standing up for her country. That is the duty of all of us; to reject tyranny and remove despotic governments who threaten our freedoms and way of life.

“Never have I seen such an obsessive persecution and attempted prosecution of a Canadian citizen as I have with Tamara Lich” https://t.co/JlS1jiGeHj

— Western Standard (@WSOnlineNews) July 27, 2022

More disturbing fallout from the Freedom Convoy in Canada earlier this year…

Still no comment from Farm Credit Canada and Ottawa Police. Why’s that? https://t.co/LOBiirMB9u

— Dean Skoreyko (@bcbluecon) July 28, 2022

This next update should ignite a deafening outcry in the public. Do you hear anything? Is anyone screaming? Perhaps they’re too stunned by the news to utter a word. Could this must be a White Hat tactic; a dip-stick to see what the People will do? I do believe they are actually controlling the media so it would be a fascinating strategy, but we’ll see.


On the other side of the coin, what those election results did prompt was the following cover story from AP. Relax, folks. It was a test. Just a test. For some reason, however, all the test results came out the same. Why is that? That’s not “random” as they claim. Is this truly a cabal stunt? The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

It’s almost like telling people who to vote for; that Dixon is the front-runner so why bother voting for the other lame ducks? Unbelievable. These criminals are so sneaky. What if Tudor Dixon is another RINO? Instead of discussing election results on election night before the entire country in all time zones has finished voting as they have in the past, they jumped the gun by over a week! A new method of election interference.

  • Release of test election results fuels unfounded fraud claims
  • Didn’t that sound like double talk and damage control to you? It’s like a “leak” that isn’t a leak and forces them to address it publicly. We know that when television stations “accidentally” broadcast big news and then try to retract it or say it was done in error, that it was something very significant that needed to come out.
  • For the newbies, I’ll use the usual example: Fox had an obituary for Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Supreme Court Justice on their chyron before Ruth was admitted to be dead. She allegedly had six cancer surgeries the deep state’s media assured us she was recovering from very well as she worked from home, month after month. Fox apologised—which is ludicrous but we got the message.
  • The cabal could pretend all they wanted that she was alive but we had confirmation that she had passed. Childish games? Perhaps, but that’s an information war for you. Her death was finally decided to fall on September 19, 2020. And by the way—we’re still waiting for them to decide when they will tell us Queen Lizzie will die. She’s been gone for awhile. We’re not joking when we say the world is a stage and nothing is real.

However, there’s a bigger outcry against Phil G for godsake than the election improprieties. What all that drama with Gregg Phillips is about, I don’t know. All I know is I will not tolerate those greedy ads and anyone who is allowing them is not the kind of person I am going to for information or placing my trust.

Update: Since I neglected to push the “publish” button yesterday and it’s now today, I will expand on the Phil G thing as it is coming to a head and some people [Phil phans] are getting upset.

Personally, I have a lot more trust in Gregg Phillips than Phil G., and the Pit story blew up in Phil’s face. I don’t like to call out anyone, but apparently the deception is so great that a word of warning is called for in this case.

I haven’t been listening to Phil for awhile and I dropped his Telegram channel so I’m going by what others say but when Greg Phillips called Phil on the Pit story and Phil had to cover by saying it was a different Pit he was talking about, that’s classic cabal double speak. It’s obvious damage control. That was my first intuition on it.

I can’t abide this kind of drama but people who behave unethically and intentionally and repeatedly deceive others need to be exposed. Link to Telegram.

We don’t need any more division in the truther community among the digital soldiers or the patriots, so before we go attacking anyone, just remember that we’ve all been wrong before. We’ve all been deceived over the years by nefarious people and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t beat yourself up over it. This is an information war and sometimes we are the casualties but we live to tell about it.

Phil was brilliant and put on a good show. From a psychological standpoint it was fascinating to watch but the time investment makes it necessary to decide where to draw the line. I don’t need to hear any more.

As I remarked in the comments recently, it’s a mine field out there and we are getting plenty of opportunity to exercise our discernment. The enemy placed masters of manipulation in the patriot news community. We are not deceptive; we are good people and we expect others to be the same. Remember that all the world is a stage, as I’ve said so many times.

Often, when a bad actor pretends to be on our side it’s difficult to see through the façade but when you get a good bead on someone and realize they are not who they portrayed, be thankful for the lesson and gracefully accept a new feather in your snowy wing. No regrets. It’s Humanity’s tragic flaw.

L – R: Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Lincoln Wood, Mike Lindell

The drama continues.

Lin Wood seems to be a source of tirades against patriots and I don’t usually listen to truther bashing but happened to catch this particularly acerbic one against Gen. Michael Flynn. Holy cow. It’s so over the top it must be part of the movie script. There must be a very good reason for this. Link to Telegram.

Mike “Flim Flam” Flynn is not even a REAL General. He is only a “Lt. General.”

And he is at best a TV general or more accurately a “social media” general. He is a CIA spook. 33 years on the job. And still spooking and running PSYOPS against President Trump and REAL Patriots.

Flim Flam fooled me for a short period of time. I pray that he no longer fools you. He is surrounded by mafia and Deep State thugs. Birds of a feather flock and fly together.

I have never served in the military, but when you mess with my children, I am a relentless warrior. Flim Flam and his minions have messed with my children to create propaganda against me. Seriously bad move.

I warned you in a text message, Flim Flam, that I would be relentless if you did not call off your goons, like Fraudcock and other “characters” off my children.

You should have believed in me.

I wish you and your minions good luck, Flim Flam.

I believe you are ALL going to prison or worse.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

P.S. Hey Mikie, tell your fellow 33 degree masons like Clark, Guthrie, Clements, Jackson, Peters, Byrne, Powell, et al. that I wish them good luck too!!!

I often feel like these wild accusations have to be distractions and intended to confuse the enemy—as well as force we gullible sheep to hone our discernment. Everyone wants black and white; they want someone to tell them so-and-so is a good guy and that one over there is a bad guy so they put out unsavoury talk about nearly everyone and force each to decide for themselves “who is who in the zoo”.

There is a lot of exposing of fake Telegram channels at the moment; most of them push “those ads”, and Telegram has been urged to crack down and at least put “FAKE” next to their name. DSchlopes has been taking a keen interest in this and doing a lot of posts. Not from the US, eh? More “foreign interference”?

I told you all last week that I was “99% sure” that both the fake General McInerney and fake Ezra Cohen accounts were being run by the same people. After Telegram marked them both as fake at the exact same time I am now 100% sure. Take a look at my posts from the last 4 or 5 days on this.

The crazy thing is that even after they get caught doing this they manage to make it even more obvious that they are the same, per the screenshots that I posted here.

I am also 99% sure that the people running those channels are not even from the US.


For a roundup on many topics and great insights, you might want to listen to Simon Parkes’ latest update. Themtube gave him the boot on his last two podcasts so this is Rumble. Click the link below to watch/listen. The comments indicate Simon feels the waiting has gone on too long and many agree. This is an exceptional podcast for those who need support in these challenging times and have difficulty finding the wherewithal to hang in and make any sense of the “delay”. Simon’s psychology lessons are second to none. He understands the big picture on both all sides; we, the awake and aware, the entranced public, the White Hats, and the enemy.

2022 07 23 Connecting Consciousness

The entire Wu Flu scenario was bad news from the beginning; the swabs, the fake test readings, the masks, the incarceration and isolation, and the subsequent jabs. None of it was about what they told us. Many of us are in the control group and remain the “purebloods” but unfortunately many believed everything they were told. Thousands gladly offered up their body out of fear, a desire to comply to protect others, or brutal threats.

I’ll take my immune system any day over pharmaceuticals. Experimental vaccines? I don’t believe they were experimental at all. They had a very good idea what they would do; that’s why they gave some people placebos; so everyone wouldn’t get sick and die at once and give their plot away.


Regardless of whether the news of the arrest of Ghebreyesus was true or not, it soon will be if it has not yet happened. This is the cabal’s go-to guy for lying to the world in fear campaigns and engineering fake pandemics—but that’s not all. There is a 1.5 minute biography video in which you will see the calling card of this monster and what qualifies him in the eyes of the cabal to be the [s]elected Director of the World Health Organization. [WHO]. I couldn’t bear to listen to his “emotional” acceptance speech when they announced they had renewed his position. Narration is in English.

¿Quién es Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus??? pic.twitter.com/zA8B1VNiVf

— Anabella (@76Anabellan) July 25, 2022

I have a sneaking suspicion that the WHO freak really was arrested and now he is doing the White Hats’ bidding. Just look at this, below. He’s asking everyone to play a role in controlling the disinformation about the Monkeypox, the plandemic, the vaxxine. Anything that’s true they want to be squelched so they can lock us all down again, mask us, shoot us up with their poison, and get mail in ballots again to steal another election.

Can you imagine if everyone who gets the jab gets shingles???!!! I hope that whole scenario will be prevented.

World Hoax Organization Director Tedros Ghebreyesus:”…as we have seen with C19,misinformation and disinformation can spread rapidly online. So,we call on all social media platforms,tech companies and news organizations to work with us…” 🤡🤡🤡🤡 …more censorship coming!😏😏 pic.twitter.com/tkWcRsjKeC

— NiCoLeEliSei (@NiCoLeEliSei1) July 27, 2022

The con goes very deep because the psychopaths are much further along in science and the medical field than they ever let on. Some believe those “Covid swabs tests” were DNA collection devices. Link to Telegram.

DNA Ancestry Test Kits Used For
Targetted Assassination

They are warning that these ancestry type programs can be used to create bio weapons. If they can get your DNA they can assassinate you

‘Officials warn bio weapons could also target animals and disrupt food supplies around the globe’ – Daily Mail

Source (https://t.me/childcovidvaccineinjuriesuk/1902)

In the Great White Gulag it is coming down to the courts to deliver justice, and sometimes they do. Hopefully this pastor, who stood up for his flock and was arrested and jailed multiple times for keeping his church open in Calgary, will never have to deal with this crap again. What consequences are in line for the thug police who arrested him over and over?

Pastor Artur Pawlowski joined @EzraLevant to discuss his momentous victory in the Alberta Court of Appeal.https://t.co/ZUWn0N4HHF

— Rebel News (@RebelNewsOnline) July 27, 2022

As Simon Parkes discussed in his update above, the news we get can rarely be taken at face value. Some is hard facts, yes, but the rest is measured, censored, manipulated, lying by omission, and contains half truths. Both sides do it, and when you’re a seasoned veteran in the truther community; an experienced conspiracy analyst… like a Columbo-style detective you get a finely tuned sense of what the news really means; what to keep, and what to throw away.

You may recall a few years ago there was a “wildfire” that swept through the community of Fort McMurray, Alberta in Canada. They evacuated the town 88,000 people called home and there was a great deal of tragic destruction.

It was May 1 when the fire started. A cabal satanic date. May Day. May Day.

Again, what remained was not the blackened timbers we would expect but melted cars and the familiar white ash we have seen in the rubble of the World Trade Center on 9/11 and numerous “wildfires” in California, Colorado, and more recently last summer, the small town of Lytton in British Columbia.

There, Dr. Charles Hoffe broached his concerns over the Wu Flu vaxxines and the negative effects on his largely First Nations patients to BC health authorities. It wasn’t the record heat or the sparks from a train that started the fire as the media suggested. Fires are a common weapon the monsters use against Humanity all over the world.

I was not surprised then to see this Telegram recently about what has transpired in Fort McMurray since the 2021 fire and as you may have guessed, it seems obvious it was NOT what they told us and confirms our suspicions about an intentional event.

I’m sure you can see the advancement of the New World Order agenda in this meme update. There are additional supporting posts on this channel, as well. Link to Telegram. Better wake up Alberta. I learned a lot from this channel.

Alberta Has Been Prime Target #1
Justin, Notley and Kenney, Together, Have Conspired to Destroy OUR Alberta

Alberta is Rich in Oil, and has
One of the Largest Uranium Deposits in Canada!

As We all know, one of the Largest Mosques in Canada was built in Fort McMurray as well.

The Fire in Fort Mac Was NO ACCIDENT!!!

The Corruption in Our Government at the Federal and Provincial Levels
Is Getting Really Hard to Ignore!

Jason Kenney was the Former Federal PC MInister of Immigration, under Harper!
His bio says he was a Former Assistant to Liberal Minister Ralph Goodale!
This Should be All Anyone Needs to Know!

Every Street Corner has Changed in Alberta!
Omar Khadar is In Edmonton!

Remember Soliemani,
The “Syrian Refugee” who touched 7 Young Albertan Girls and STILL
Walks the Streets of Edmonton
These Two have The SAME NAME!
No Wonder He Walked!

Dr Tam is Connected to the WHO and was “Appointed” by JT, Himself!

For those not aware, the globalists plan was to weaken/destabilize and destroy the West (USA, Canada) with a massive influx of middle-eastern/Muslim immigrants. They knew what would happen when two opposing ethnic/religious/cultural groups were forced to rub shoulders.

In addition, they ensured that it was radical, Christian-hating zealots who came through our borders. The rhetoric from some of them caught on video has been frightening with threats of death to white people, Christians, and a promise to have many children to increase their segment of the population quickly.

What else would the control freaks do? This article from the crew is a good place to get valuable perspective on what is happening on our planet, and why.

Greatest Fraud in Human History

Don’t I have any good news for Pete’s sake? I guess it depends on your outlook.

This probably won’t help as it’s a little gruesome. Sorry. When we see what is under the water on our planet, it will be shocking. So much is hidden in a place that is more water than land.

3rd Set of Human Remains Found at Lake Mead, National Park Service Says

More and more I am getting the distinct feeling that everything that has transpired since Donald Trump began running for office has been a lesson plan and not as described on the package. It’s much deeper than that.

The sick people running the world are showing their cards and we’re onto them. Law enforcement knows who they are and many have been arrested. Most are from the shadows, but a few travel in more public circles.

This news item below appeared on Telegram and while my other half simply looked up some press to justify it, I find it shocking that it could have appeared in a public park or children’s playground for any reason, for any length of time. Was it really a prop for a sick movie? Supposedly it has been removed, but not necessarily for the reason given: it’s time to shoot the movie. I question it all because I know these perverts like to put it in our faces. Link to Telegram.

Maple Ridge, BC, a suburb of Vancouver Canada, was a site for this grotesque and offensive piece of filth designed for children. The pedo hunters had a great deal to say about Maple Ridge, the mayor, and the mass shooting distraction 30 minutes away on Monday morning in Langley. Connected? Link to Telegram.

Canada is a haven for pedophiles but law enforcement knows who they are and they will be removed—if they haven’t already—like the clothing designer Peter Nygard, and Trudeau friend Peter Dalglish.

Order of Canada member Peter Dalglish jailed 16 years for sexual assault in Nepal

And Trudeau bestie also jailed. What a coincidence. Trudeau has done even worse, if tales are true.


Sophie Trudeau’s cousin alleges a wide-ranging Liberal Party cover-up to protect pedophile officials

From Tribunals for Justice on Telegram:

Porn Site Operator Pleads Guilty To Sex Trafficking

A 40-year-old man pleaded guilty to coercing at least 15 women into pornography, filming and then distributing their videos online despite promising they would never reach US audiences at a San Diego court Tuesday.

Matthew Isaac Wolfe admitted his part in a conspiracy in which the FBI investigators said he subjected young women to “years of relentless harassment, fear and mental anguish.”

Victims testified that Wolfe and his colleagues plyed them with alcohol and marijuana before forcing them to sign contracts, raping them and threatening them if they objected.

Wolfe now faces a maximum penalty of life in prison. (RT)

All over the world, unrest, dissatisfaction, intolerance, violence. The People know a great deal is wrong in society and various places manifest that anger and frustration differently. Of course, the powers-that-were don’t want us to know what is happening outside their purview of the accepted news narratives so censorship is prevalent.

JUST IN – Protests against Pro-Iran PM candidate in Iraq. Protesters near GreenZone have brought a crane to remove concrete wall and trench around the sensitive area that hosts US embassypic.twitter.com/lIGj7i84GJ

— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) July 27, 2022

The naughty people of Sri Lanka ousted their crooked president and now the ruling regime is trying to clamp down on them and quell the demonstrations.

ALERT – Sri Lanka Arrests Protest Leaders, Extends Emergency Lawshttps://t.co/wUOBK2XROV

— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) July 27, 2022

The latest threat or boogeyman? I bet there’s a vaccine for that.

Deadly bacteria that causes meliodosis detected in Mississippi water, CDC reveals: First time cause of disease similar to TB has ever been found in the US

If you ever feel the need to be reminded of the depths of the Clinton evil. In the midst of the destruction in the January 2010 earthquake that killed 300,000 and injured 1,000,000 more, the phone and internet system never went down. Know why? Clinton’s owned part of it. They diverted aid money to their own cellular network.

Meanwhile. Babies were dying. First responders were suffering. They did nothing to help us.


I hear this discussion with Gregg Phillips is a must listen. He was in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and gives a glimpse of what it was like there. This was around the time when the Clintons collected phenomenal financial assistance for the victims and according to reports, all they did was build 6 houses—if you could call them that. I’m looking forward to hearing what we can expect with respect to the election steal and the now infamous “Pit”.

The Pit is Coming

Former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, from Truth Social:



Sheriff Mack (epoch times interview)
I have seen the evidence that @greggphillips and #CatherineEngelbrecht have ( #ThePit )
I have been working directly with them
FBI is knowingly acting criminally
This is a #Coup
FBI (leadership) are NAZIS
Sheriff’s need to Prosecute.

Monument Valley, Arizona

More good news. Richard Citizen Journalist and his video on Telegram.

Gas pumps dysfunctional at Arizona station. The lady behind me was only able to get one gallon.

Looks like it might be a Shell station from the reflection in the window. I have suggested countless times that everyone keep their tank at least half full at all times and I try to live by that. You never know what might happen. If the power goes out—no pumps.

This was verrrry long because it was two days crammed into one post and while there is tons more interesting stuff I could share, most of it seems to be negative today so I’ll close now.

We’ve been getting flood advisories on our phones for days. One woke me up at 11:45 pm. What—they didn’t know until then that it was going to rain somewhere?

FLASH FLOOD WARNING is in effect until 5:30 pm. This is a dangerous and life-threatening situation. Do not attempt to travel unless you are fleeing an area subject to flooding or under and evacuation order.

Give me a break. We’ve hardly had a drop. Bloody terrorists.

This current phase is almost like a virtual reality game, isn’t it? So real… but not. Too bizarre to be real. Too dark. Too evil.

It can only get better, and once these travails are over and we’ve learned our lessons, life will be rosy and enjoyable for all. It will be better than we ever dared hope.

Eli will be 7 months old tomorrow so I’ll do an update. Ciao for now.  ~ BP

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