What’s Goin’ On Today! – July 27, 2022

When does a bird sing?


JUST IN – U.S. Federal Reserve raises interest rates by 0.75% for the second consecutive time.



Debt is an asset. Its all been seized. Gold was owned by Orating-Corpses Its all been seized. Orating-Corpses are all witch-craft and illegal in the Kingdom. Metal is Kingdom’s metal. By Kingdom Law, Kingdom assets all belong to the King, you. Here is the real kicker — You were not “Born” into the world, that is Maritime word/witch-craft. You were conceived at conception, which means you are a King in the Kingdom, and its all yours by Law. It ALL has to be re-distributed to you!


There are no more orating-corpses, none.

Claim it ALL by stating out loud your word, God’s word, You the King’s WORD— “I am a conceived King in the Kingdom, I banish all Word/Witch-Craft Law in the Kingdom and demand my Kingdom inheritance now!”

Claim the Treasuries of Heaven – they are rightfully yours.

The wealth of the wicked was seized by Kingdom Law, it was stored up for you, demand it.


I was in my Bank of America Branch this afternoon in Georgia. My question, “Are you ready for the new systems and training?”. Response, “I gotta tell you, I try not to think about it. It’s a whole lot of change”. I’ll take that to be a hard confirmation.



Make sure to save and share this link… We are now over 1800 pages of SEIZED ASSETS since President Trump signed the Executive Order in December 2017 that if anyone was involved in Human Trafficking or Corruption, their ASSETS WOULD BE SEIZED.


What’s Truly Important? The Global Revaluation Is Accelerating



Pope in Canada: “I humbly beg forgiveness for the evil committed by so many Christians against the Indigenous Peoples.”


Dozens evacuated as forest fire rages in Czech Republic.



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