Kat Anonup Update: Juan O Savin 7-23-22, Erased from Medical Books ~ July 27, 2022


katisthesea3 @katisthesea3

Gitmo Readiness

Juan O Savin
They’ve built new courtrooms
& expanded the Evidence Review & Storage Areas..
That Evidence Review Area is extremely secure..
The Marines have a carrier..
designed to take the 22-Osprey on deck..
They can run without having to refuel 
from S. Carolina to Guantanamo..
There’s continuing activities 
in building it out, personnel etc.
They have the harbor set up
so they can handle all of our FEMA ships,
which can be used as Prison Ships.
They’ve built out an extensive operation in the harbor
to be able to take those [prisons]
even during a Cat-5 storm..
Anybody that doesn’t think it’s still coming
doesn’t understand 
those facilities are continuing to be built out
in anticipation of what IS coming..
Gitmo has a new Geriatric Hospital.. 
because they’re going to stay until they’re old people 
if they don’t get hung..
for Treason against America..
Firing Squads have been reactivated..
lettin’ em know this is coming.

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