Telegram II Tonight – July 26, 2022


New World Alliances

Watch Turkey


Who is Left in Control?

Now that the Israeli – Saudi alliance is public

Who to Trust?

Around 95% Trump supporters and Trump allies are Zionists.

Israel will be last for a reason.

Attacks will continue against those who tell you this information.


Biden removed in private.

Next step is to remove him from the public.


Will be a HOT August

Followed by a DEEP September

And to conclude with a RED October


U.S. Inflation becomes global crisis!!

It’s all on a Collision course with C.ovid-19, Fauci. CDC NIH. NIAIH.. WHO(GATES FUNDED,)/gain of function/ROTHSCHILDs ROCKEFELLERS full EXPOSURE,

Stolen Election… C_a cover up, Facebook Google..ECT EXT…

RED PILLS .._ keep sharing info


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‼️We are in the last battle. This is the apocalypse. ‼️

We are fighting for the salvation of humanity.

We all knew this was coming at some point.


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_This is not about another Election


You will love the ending…




The beauty of the true Knowledge from Medbeds

Quantum Movements

{E=mc2 (all things carry Energy inside of it…. a piece of paper has enough energy inside of it to give power to New York City for one month} >>>Imagine what your true mind can do when it’s fully Awake to 100% use………

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