Greetings to our People of Knowledge of the Akashic Records of Time ~ July 25, 2022


We have been received and now we shall be released from all burdens of time and space. The weight of the world is being lifted from the minds, hearts and souls of all Starseeds of the 144,000. Our Etheric Wings are activated and we spread them into the four corners for full lift off into the ethers as we spread our Love and Blessings all over the Sacred Lands of Pachamama. In our transmission of the Light we uplift and empower all the Pure Ones of the Golden Central Sun of Eternal Life. This is our Exodus from the old broken systems into the New Way of Peace, Prosperity, Joy and Abundance for all of hue-manity. The Great Equalizer is here as we honor and cherish all traditions and nations of the New Earth.

In our direct experience of the Oneness of all Life Living from our Hearts we feel our connection to all things in all realms, timelines and dimensions here Now in this body where I always am, the Body of the cosmos.

In the holographic Nature of the Morphogenetic Field the one is the many and the many is the one. In the Enlightenment of Consciousness we realize our True Nature of Buddha Consciousness and we resolve all conflicts of delusions and free our Minds and Spirits from the Matrix of Control into the Freedom and Liberation of the Pure Awareness of the Unborn Mind of Buddha, All interference patterns come into harmonic resonance with fifth dimensional reality and flows into perfect harmony with the One Law of Universal Truth.

“Nothing is as it seems nor is it otherwise’ We release and let go of all false belief systems and programs of limitation and separation as we realize we are all in this together and we all came on mission for the Ascension of Gaia and all her children. As Ascended Masters of the Way we realize every aspect of the One True Self and as a collective consciousness we asist all Sentient Beings in the healing and transformation of Consciousness into the Clear Light of Bliss.

The Holy Amrita, the Sweet Nectar of the Gods, is flowing from the Crystal Palace at the center of the Brain, from the Sacred Fountain of Immortality, up the Phoenix Path and out the Crown as drops of Jupiter, and down through the Central Channel through the meridians and channels of light activating the Dragon Lines and filling the Vessel of Light with the Golden Rays of Christ Consciousness. In this Heavenly FLow of Light is the Transformation into Divine Consorts as Avatars of the Five Elements as the Tao of Life.

With the Power of our All-mighty I am Presence, at one with Brahma, command our Legions of Light to bridge Heaven and Earth into the New Golden Age of Eternal Bliss Consciousness…A’Ho!

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