Corey Goode — Updates Begin, Alien Armadas, ICC Leadership Disappearances, and Exposing Ufology Corruption ~ July 24, 2022

Editor’s Note: Yes, Yes, Yes! This is another report giving information of “what” is going on, by “whom”, with possible “why’s”, yet…can we really trust any information these days?

I do not mean to throw a wet towel on anyone, or any information being released, yet these ARE the moments when each of us can only trust our own internal Selves in this moment of NOW (No Other Way)! We each need to consider how space, time, energy, and matter can be altered by our own soul, body, mind, and persona as we live our lives during this transitory moment!

Read on, discover how You drive each moment, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Updates Begin – Alien Armadas, ICC Leadership disappearances & Exposing Ufology Corruption

SphereBeing Alliance
Jul 16, 2022

Please Share EVERYWHERE! Since making the details public about our upcoming Shock Documentary Series that will reveal the criminal extortion, theft, corruption, infiltration, manipulation, and other disgusting behaviors from Public Figures and Gurus in the Disclosure and Spiritual Lightworker community we have had a number of people come forward to tell their stories. We are hearing horror stories of being taken advantage of financially and manipulated into sexual acts that have done irreparable damage to their spiritual path – in some cases causing emotional breakdowns that will take years to recover from.

Some of the most well-known names in the Disclosure and Esoteric Spiritual Movements are involved in extremely disgusting and corrupt behavior that includes sexual abuse of their followers. If you have information on public figures who have been running corrupt organizations or who have been taking advantage of their followers sexually or financially please contact us. If you have information on the coordinated discrediting and cyber-bullying campaigns against myself or other individuals please contact us immediately.

Your anonymously provided evidence and information or video testimony could be used in our new series of documentaries that are going to expose the seedy underbelly of the Disclosure and Esoteric Spiritual movements and help protect others from falling into the same trap that thousands of well-intentioned people have found themselves in.

We need brave whistleblowers and informants to come forward to help transform the Disclosure and Esoteric Spiritual Communities into a safe and inspirational place for the benefit of everyone coming them for growth and guidance during their awakening process.

7 thoughts on “Corey Goode — Updates Begin, Alien Armadas, ICC Leadership Disappearances, and Exposing Ufology Corruption ~ July 24, 2022

  1. Thanks for introducing me to Corey Goode, never heard of or about him. I’m still learning how much I do not know. I’m asleep somewhat about so many aspects of ‘reality’, its truly overwhelming at times. Not even sure who the Good Guys are anymore but I’m hanging in there. If I’m still slumbering, but one can see how deep others still are who NOTHING about ET’s et al. To say they’ll be SHOCKED is an understatement.


    1. Corey is one of the most interesting folks I have ever found. The best/easiest way to tell the nature of his character is to see who his friends are. David Wilcock and James Gilliland both stand with Corey. That is enough for me. Yes, many attack Corey and David and James. So what ! One must decide for themselves who they believe. I have been researching for forty years. The TRUTH may not be revealed in my lifetime. Gilliland is beyond reproach in my opinion. David is excited about making the world a better place. And Corey… he has a mission. If its not real they have indeed fooled him. And me.


  2. Anything Wilcock says I hold suspect….his predictions don’t work and he was thrown off ancient aliens.


    1. Neil – Please tell us who’s predictions do work. I am interested. Because I have not found any who can predict the future in this timeline. Or within the past ten years. Also… exactly how do you know Wilcock was kicked off of Ancient Aliens? Was that a main stream media press release? What credible source of information are you referencing… per David being ‘KICKED OFF” ???? I hold you suspect of believing that propaganda is fact… and shite is shinola. I would love to follow up on how you know what you know. Unless … you really do not know what you are saying is the truth… and not a media excuse to cover up the fact that David quit…. for reasons that he gave at the time.


      1. I dont say anyone’s did….BUT Wilcock kept saying ‘Clinton will be the disclosure president!…….Bush will be the disclosure president!…..Obama will be the disclosure president!” as well as an extensive article, when Epstein was arrested… he’d help take down the cabal, and we’d be seeing mass arrests, trials and sentencing…..and YET…Esptein was murdered. Nice one, David!

        And I have not seen Wilcock on Ancient Aliens for a long time….meaning he probably got kicked off the show. I know I would not want someone who puts his foot in his mouth with his predictions.

        He’s just another loser.


      2. There are many on Telegram who pan Wilcock too, so he has his detractors. However in Wilcock’s defense, MANY, MANY so called TRUTHERS are way off with their predictions, so I’ve learned to take what they say carefully but hardly seriously.


  3. add to it he believe in the non interference prime directive, which is Archon propaganda, adds to why I don’t give a shit for Wilcock.


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