Telegram Tonight ~ July 23, 2022

Third January Six Trespasser Commits Suicide

47-year-old Mark Aungst, charged with “demonstrating or parading in a restricted building,” has apparently committed suicide.

And so the Jan 6 witch-hunt continues.



Switzerland is the home for the Cabal…any relation to Elders signing paperwork for RV/GCR?

🔥Today in the morning, we had an emergency meeting with the Securities Regulatory Commission from China. We had a discussion about access to their databases and to their servers for our investigations and for our research.

Following this meeting, they accepted our terms and gave us access to government servers in China and to databases related to companies.

❗️From this moment, we have access to personal data on companies in China. We know how many shares each company has, their financial status, and what precious metals they own.

❗️From now on, every asset that is based on a company from China should be audited by us. This will be done to make sure that every piece of information is true.

❗️Every asset that will be based in China should pass an audit from SPIA to be a part of the WHIPLASH channel.

🌎As we told you before,

Welcome to a new era where the Stellar Network is safe for every user.



From Cosmic Light Force channel 😍🥰✨🌈


Doesn’t the ledger tell that story in a nice picture:

World pop: 8-9bil

Stellar accounts: 7.01mil

If each account belongs to an individual person that is

0.08% of the world population that’s got an account

Daily active accounts even worse at about 60k

0.00067% of the world population that’s active on stellar daily

We know however that assets have accounts, some have more than one account and not all are active on stellar daily, so the real individual person user count is somewhere in-between, so lets say:

0.04% of the world population are active on Stellar

If we see the movements in assets with only 0.04% of the world participating, just imagine the moves once 100% are forced to participate….

Can you see how amazing you are, that you are part of this minuscule group, that you were chosen as a guinea pig, to make the future brighter for the other 8-9bil souls!!


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