July 18, 2022: Extending the Illusion [videos] – July 19, 2022


The hoopla now is around the impending return to a communist state where we need hall passes to be out on the street, walking the dog, visiting with friends or family, and shopping for groceries.

The smoke part…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Earth Alliance continues the assault on the deep state tunnels. Link to Telegram.


This is part of the U.K. right now

The Whitehats are destroying the DUMBS/Tunnels under the guise of a heatwave

In Britain—it’s ON! Samantha Alderson has her finger on the pulse. I heard about a lot of fires on the Salisbury Plain and now this:

I’m hearing the Tunnels/DUMB underneath Stonehenge are getting pounded right now

The rats aren’t going anywhere. Link to Telegram.

24 minutes ago

Avanti West Coast suspends all services due to heatwave

Avanti West Coast has suspended all services due to the extreme heat.

They are telling people to avoid railway stations.

In a tweet, they said: “Extreme Heat: All services stopped. Do not come to the station.

“Due to the extreme heat causing multiple incidents across the network, all Avanti West Coast services have now been withdrawn for the rest of today – Tuesday 19 July.”

And just before press time I see an explosion at the Hoover Dam. More tunnel work by the White Hats, I assume.Link to Telegram for  video.

Or watch on Twitter.

Natural News is reporting that New Zealand doctors are calling for an investigation into the plague vaxx. Link to Telegram.

New Zealand doctors call for criminal homicide investigations into covid-19 vaccine deaths

The group New Zealand Doctors Speaking out With Science (NZDSOS) has published an open letter calling for a comprehensive investigation into the wave of deaths occurring in New Zealand among the “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

A redacted version is available for the public to read, while an unredacted version is still being carefully prepared for law enforcement to ensure it contains all of the necessary information for a proper investigation to be conducted.

According to the group, there is a “shockingly large burden of deaths and injuries following the Covid-19 vaccine, of itself and compared to any other treatment or vaccine in modern times.”

“We report many cases that DEMAND proper investigation, as befits any medication lacking safety studies,” the letter’s executive summary further states.

NZDSOS says the country’s surveillance systems, which would otherwise catch these injuries and deaths, have been disabled “in order to hide the extent of harm.”

Sunday the 17th had it’s exciting moments, for a few.

True or false? https://t.me/FlatEarthAndMore/7582

Trump’s ex wife Ivana trump (Ivanka’s mother) worked with Ghislaine Maxwell to recruit underage school girls in the New York area into Epstein’s child sex operation.

When you think about it… the entire Trump family has infiltrated the cabal and now stands with the People. So… was Ivana removed for her protection like a star witness? Historically, the best witnesses tend to wind up dead before trials.

This is a Qincidence. True or false? I think not. We already know the White Hats have a wicked sense of humour and love to ridicule the “El-ites”.

Judge may strike down Biden admin forced vaxx for service members.

The pedos are going down. Eric Weinberg producer.

The cabal uses illusion to make it look like they are many and mighty, and we are few and outnumbered and therefore weak. Nothing could be further from the truth. What they are wizards at is manufacturing illusions to manipulate the minds of the many.

If you type the following into Twitter search, you get the scrolling bots video from IET. See how many responses are programmed into Twitter from bots, posing as people?

Ben Fulford has a good Monday update with valuable history. The free segment cuts off while writing about the gold.

Countdown to US implosion begins after failure of Biden Mid-East trip

The following might help.

Did The Swiss Central Bank Quietly Move Its Gold | ZeroHedge

Michael Jaco shows us the White Hats aren’t playing nice any more. We know what the reports say about the Ukrainian plane crash, but do we believe everything we read? The Earth Alliance does not take lives other than to save lives. They will take a few to save the many because those entities made their choices and if they will engage in activities that would cause a mass casualty event, particularly for civilians, the White Hats will take the necessary steps to prevent it. So what was really on that plane? Mike gives us his expert opinion as a former Navy SEAL.

Ukraine using its personnel and military to fly weapons to Bangladesh. White hats destroyed plane.

We have a lot of information about all the dastardly things the psychopaths have been and are doing to Humanity, but there are degrees of evil and levels of attack and what one believes is the ultimate attack, another may consider a distraction. I think it would be foolish of us to think we have been told everything; the whole truth about the attacks on us. Some of it is still highly classified information.

The following interview with A.C. Griffiths, a long-time researcher of chemtrails and the associated rabbit holes, indicates that—guess who—Russia has the most advanced scalar weapons on the planet and is using them in three levels of energetic warfare, including on individual Humans which can affect them physically or even insert a different personality and control their words and actions before removing it and allowing them to return to their original.

Before It’s News – Chemtrail Insider Reveals the Real Reason for Barium in Chemtrails

As he points out, you can explain things to people but until their limited programming and past life experience can come to grips with the information and consider it not only a possibility but very likely, the warnings fall on deaf ears. Most of us know that because we’ve tried and been shunned and ridiculed.

It is beyond the comprehension of the masses that anyone would engage in purposeful, illegal, evil, and mass murderous acts on a large scale without anyone having stopped it. Their mind shuts like a slammed door when you say anything they cannot conceive. They think they know better and we’re gullible.

He also says this technology, which us unmatched by Israel, the United States, any nation, is responsible for “those mysterious booms” and that they could take out any city at a moment’s notice.

You may want to take notes so you can look into this yourself. They mention names and websites and discuss several programmes the military use. He says the compartmentalization is so great that the people loading tanks of aerosols on aircraft and even the pilots themselves may not be aware of what is in them.

Oracle Report for July 19—just a few minutes long, for Laura fans. “Sun Opposes Pluto”.

The good news folks, is that there are so many awakened people on the planet—at least in some form—whom will never go back to sleep, only learn more about the threats to our existence, that the evil elements in our society will continue to be eradicated and neutralized.

We have it on good authority that many of the big name murderers have already been tried and executed, which is why we see so many doubles, clones, masks, etc.

We are at the point where these loser puppets can no longer walk among us without being called out for who and what they are; tyrants, dictators, traitors, and demonic puppets. Anyone who thinks we are being misled and nothing is being done is either living in fear or has their head you-know-where.

Of course shills and deep state minions [and bots] will continue to spread their blather on social media about how the cabal is winning and Humanity is doomed. It’s pathetic how they continue to prop up the façade at this point in the game. They’re too stupid to know when to quit.

This is an extra busy week for me with appointments, hubby on the way home from a long trip, and it’s his birthday coming up so I will post as I can.

Keep the faith; it’s getting really good now. The major assaults on the deep state on many fronts are evident every day. Gotta run. ~ BP

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