Important Energy Update From The Galactic Federation – July 19, 2022

The ability to perceive the sacred geometry of your heart is a gift that you have been given as a human being. 

And when you use this unique imprinting and apply it to how you live your life, you will be able to express yourself in ways that will bring you closer to the experience of your Divinity.

The ability to create through your heart is something that has been hidden from the majority of humanity. 

The current planetary transition of shifting into a New Earth reality has required all things across the world to be brought back into balance.

The Sun’s light is still gaining access to areas of your reality that have been dormant for many years, as well as illuminating areas of your planet that have been shielded from receiving this light from the Sun.

These transitional energies are now activating deeper within your world, interacting with the deep structure of darkness and bringing them into alignment with the harmonic frequencies of the New Earth vibration.

We are here to support your journey back into wholeness with who you are, and we are also here to guide you back into wholeness with all that is.

This is the time for you to make a choice for YOU because it is through this that you will begin to see how your heart has been carefully designed by the Universe and how there is a sacred structure contained within every cell of your body.

By making a conscious choice to allow yourself to listen to and feel what is being presented to you in every moment, you begin to understand who you are, becoming more aware of your energy that expands far beyond the physical body. 

You become more sensitive towards allowing yourself to sense into another person’s energy space, which in turn allows you to sense the distorted illusions and energies.

This potential of sensing into another’s energy space can allow some individuals to create an energetic bridge between all people, bringing a connection that unifies, bringing a return back to balance once again. 

As this connection is then recognized by both parties, and as they both embrace their unique Divine expression of themselves, then there becomes a purity of love that emerges and connects these two individuals together.

Each of you has a unique imprint that has been encoded into your cells, and it is through this unique design that you navigate the Universe.

This information has always been hidden within your being, but now there is an opportunity for your sacred encoded light to be released from within your cells.

The Sacred Light within you has always sought its own guidance, as there are cosmic forces at work that are also assisting in the release of the encoded light.

Your encoded light is your key to remembering who you truly are and what you have come here to do on Earth.

You were born onto this planet with specific instructions, which we can say are not just geared towards the planet’s evolution but also the evolution of humanity itself. 

It is a beautiful part of your journey that you have each come here with a similar intention and purpose.

There are many magnificent waves that are consistently washing in and out with increasing strength, frequency, and duration. Many of you are able to feel these more strongly as the old foundation of belief erodes and shifts, bringing forth a new awareness of your own pure expression. 

This is a time where the action is the key to success, the key to walking through this journey of integration and embodiment.

It is so very important that you keep in mind that your heart desires a way of living that is in harmony, balance, and peace with all beings, including yourself. 

Your heart will always guide you back home to the truth of who you are as an eternal being. You have always been loved, protected, and held by the Divine Presence.

The truth of your multidimensional reality has always existed within your being, but it is now much more tangible, real, and practical for you to access this higher wisdom to support your daily life.

As you move up the dimensional scale and through time, you will be able to remember your purpose for going there, and you will be able to move in a way that offers support on any scale that is required, from individual to group.

You are multidimensional individuals living as one while still being separate. However, your harmony with each other is an indication of how far things have moved forward.

You are emerging as a planet into full consciousness as a process, and this process has not only been isolated to Earth. Other planets in your solar system and beyond are now stepping into higher levels of consciousness as well.

This is the true template for Earth’s ascension. It is not just about what happens on Earth but also about what happens throughout the solar system and Universe. 

This is a whole new paradigm shift that is being considered by those who know what is taking place.

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.

We are the Galactic Federation.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


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