Mary Long ~ July 18, 2022



In the Near Future on the New Earth.

I see many changes as we continue to evolve in consciousness.

There will not be a need for hospitals, there will be healing centers which use sound and frequency to heal.

There will be no governments, only councils in each community which people we choose will be on these committee’s.

There will be no need for Fuel, we will simply teleport to our destination’s.

There will be an initial clean-up of this planet and those that only want to hold humanity to live as slaves to greed and poverty will be removed.

Some say this Earth is dying, while others say we are transitioning into our 5th Dimensional Reality, there are so many different versions of what will happen to this planet.

They fail to say that there are multiple dimensions we access daily up to 12 of them, on this planet so a lot here lately has not been resonating with my knowing.

Also know that no one is here to save us but ourselves, we must clean up after ourselves and prove to ourselves we are worthy of being on the New Earth.

Because on the New Earth, there are no wars, no separation of any kind, no politics, no borders we all live as One and will see no differences in one another and will live in Oneness.

The New Earth is within our reach, we live it each moment we choose Peace, Love and Compassion for all life on this planet and beyond.

As Long as Humanity continues to see themselves as separate from everything including Creator this process does take longer, thankfully the energies coming into this planet are helping us all to evolve and become more conscious rather than want to harm another.

So much coming into me these days, but I have to sort through it all because there is still a lot of disinformation circulating in the collective.

This is why we must trust ourselves and our own feelings, to feel our way through it. Tap into your Intuition and trust it because that is where all truth is revealed.

May all beings know Peace, May all beings know that they are Love and may all beings embrace their truth within themselves and live authentically. ❤

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