X22 Report — Episode 2825: What Would Happen if Audits Extended to all Family Members of Such Elected Official, SC Ready to Release the Final Death Blow ~ July 15, 2022


Ep. 2825a – What Would Happen If Audits Extended To All Family Members Of Such Elected Official

The fake news cannot hide it anymore, they are now blaming [JB] for the disastrous economy. They can no longer cover for him, it’s all falling apart, GR, GND etc. What if each elected official was audited including their family members?


Ep. 2825b – Schiff’s Move Failed, SC Ready To Release The Final Death Blow On The [DS

The [DS] is trying everything to stop the patriots from finding and using their criminal activity. Schiff’s push to protect their secret has failed. The final death blow is coming and this will rock the [DS] world because they will have a difficult time cheating. Durham is on the hunt and now he is making his moves, those who thought they were safe are not. The hunters have now become the hunted.

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