Sound the Alarm! Decision Soon? Durham Moves! Biden Exposure! NATO Exposed! Now Pray! – And We Know ~ July 15, 2022


In these days ahead > . . . Whether you find your ‘bits & bytes’ of facts from reading a document or watching a video of someone who you have some degree of trust in, try to remember…since we do not have a trusted National News Network with direct access to the Oval Office, everything we see, read & hear is ‘suspect’ and has to be verified in some way. Treat these ‘bits & bytes’ of information just as you would treat puzzle pieces as you assemble a large table top puzzle. It is obvious when they are true as they fit without forcing, ‘they fit without having to assume something’…they fit either by one, two, three or four sockets that mate perfectly with existing pieces (information) in that partially assembled puzzle. What is becoming visible of those assembled pieces of information becomes more understandable, it becomes the true story of what has taken place ‘and what is taking place as a consequence’…ever since Nov. 3 & 4 when our realities individually have been challenged so severely. This puzzle may or may not challenge your personal reality, you either suspected the path our Republic is on today or you are open to the possibilities…what is most important is that you are not blocked physically & mentally by this very real condition called ‘Cognitive Dissonance’. Several of us have already ‘flipped our collective wigs’ as we have tracked the facts in this heavily ‘Censored’ news community of private investigative reporters…’do not dismay and do not despair’, please don’t drop into a state of depression and give up the ship, ‘try as you have the strength’ to be upbeat & know in your hearts that ‘Good, GOD wins over Evil’ as this is the War we face today. It is the big War on this planet today playing out 24-7 right in front of your eyes. “Faith, Hope & Love will conquer this darkness.”

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