GAIA DAILY – July 15-18 – DARE TO DREAM ~ July 16, 2022



Mercury is catching up to the Sun. The Sun and Mercury come together amidst a dynamic set of transits. In the sign of Cancer, they are having a council of awareness on the identity of humanity. The sensitivity and intense range of feelings of SuperNova Souls can cause them to get overwhelmed and shut down. But this Astrology is bringing suppressed emotions to the surface, and breaking us open. We are feeling everything. For advanced souls in a human body, we are coming to realize that our intensity of feelings is actually a Super Power.

The Sun and Mercury each took turns squaring up with Chiron. This is speaking to the wounds of the masculine within. Deep grief is coming up around where we have given up and given in, and gave our power away.

Before coming together in their exact conjunction, the Sun and Mercury each make a sextile with Uranus in Taurus. We are awakening a new timeline based on a bloom of self compassion and self care for the Sensitive SuperNova Soul. We are learning to feel worthy of our Super Powers.

There is a huge lining up of all of the planets, seemingly trying to help us reset our timeline. We are coming up on a dynamic time of activation with Uranus meeting up with the North Node and Mars at the end of the month and into August. This will put Uranus and Mars in opposition with the South Node, bringing an opportunity to expose any toxic darkness, and bring it into the light to be healed.

With the Nodes of the Moon so activated, everything is pointing to a new direction. A new world awaits, but the North Node in Taurus is making us question our worthiness for a better life. When we are surrounded by those who don’t see, it makes us doubt the possibility. And so we continue to compromise our ideals by lowering our vibrational resonance to meet the energy of those around us. This keeps us from holding the vision and beginning to build this new world.

Venus in Gemini is seeking expression of the feminine voice, but in square to Neptune, she is coming up against programming and judgements from the past. control based religious programming dethroned the feminine and cut her out of spiritual history. She is fighting for her voice back. But everything is arguing with her, challenging her vision of a better world. May the Goddess reign again.

Mercury and the Sun are also in an inconjunct relationship with Saturn in Aquarius, and in trine to Neptune in Pisces. Do we dare to dream? Is it time to get to work on building the New? We must come into our true identity and own our soul wealth, in order to create this New World.

Mercury and the Sun sit in sextile to the North Node, which means they are in trine with the South Node in Scorpio. We are seeing the possibility of miracles, with a grand water trine between Mercury and the Sun in Cancer, the South Node in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces. Yes, we Dare to Dream.



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