Even More Telegram Today – July 15, 2022


Apr 16 2022 Find by Kelly Ann B

Howard Stern will be in the news and not for what you think. My children, listen very carefully to what is being said and know there is more to the story that will be revealed. Nothing is getting past Me, saith the Lord.



A beach in the 70’s. Not one over weight body. My, how the food industry destroyed us.


what dis? ☼


They did a mass execution and released all the names at one time . Lookup someone u know has been dead and then u will see that it is correct on dates of past celebrity deaths




They “have been” already executed… we will “know” the truth because we have eyes to see and ears to hear. But Rommel death means they choose to die because they were guilty and didn’t want their image tarnished, nor their families destroyed by revealing who they truly were… This part will be tuff sledding for many… it was for me when I realized the truth… about many.


50s pricing …. mmmmH? pricing is just a numbers game due to the fiat dollars value to gold ..all made up by the illegal fed


SCOTUS DID overturn the 2020 election. I have confirmation from a retired secret service agent with presidential clearance that it was overturned some time ago. He wrote this: They’re staggering all the major announcements in order to prepare for all sorts of concerns regarding such, globally, all sorts of national and international security concerns etcetera. Obviously, this situation has never occurred before, very touchy situation. All is tied into this globally, financial markets as well as stability of government globally. Pulling the rug out from under the globalists and their corrupt cabals. Remember every action taken by our government is hidden behind distraction and diversion, nothing is ever what it appears to be or seems. They’ve known from the start this was coming just a matter of when and when the preparation for all ramifications considered had been assessed, not just here but internationally as it’s all tied together. It’s far deeper and far more complicated than you can imagine. Remember, as I’ve told you many times, if people really knew what has been going on in their country as well as globally they’d go insane, that’s if they even cared or allowed themselves to believe how convoluted and corrupt absolutely everything is and always has been.






Confirmation 👆👇

Julie Green Prophecy

March 27th


The midterms will look very different than they do right now. A cleansing and restoration are taking place.

A new Inauguration in the year 2022? My children are asking about that answer, and it is yes, another Inauguration, a celebration like no other. Countries around the world will be watching and celebrating with you, oh, United States.





2 thoughts on “Even More Telegram Today – July 15, 2022

  1. Well HOT DAMN!!! re: SCOTUS DID overturn the 2020 election. I have confirmation from a retired secret service agent with presidential clearance that it was overturned some time ago.

    Sorry to hear Jason Bateman passed….53 is too young to die….I’m sure he was vax’d…..Always loved Bateman and missed Arrested Development when it stopped getting picked up by the networks..it was real comedy, so many funny characters too…It was like looking at a totally dysfunctional family from day to day….so damned amusing.

    Old Putin executed and now we see a replacement? This is new to me….I see the discrepancy in the appearances of old vs new but who would have executed the old Putin?


  2. ps- forgot the Stern vid with the two guys…very amusing..and I found myself agreeing with them 100%. I know a few very wealthy people and I have to say they are ALL a bit weird. Maybe that’s a necessity to achieving such immense wealth….I’m very weird too but not rich….😂😂😂🤣


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