Twin flame ascension report: full moon in Capricorn and the Magdalene Feast day portal ~ July 14, 2022


Dear beautiful brothers and sisters.

We come forward in this moment of your time with much news to share with you ever-evolving humanity. 

We have just come out of the extremely potent and life-changing 7/7 Portal, and the energies that have been pouring into the Earth due to the alignment with the star system Sirius have been unprecedented.

We are also in the aftermath of the extremely powerful and potent full moon in Capricorn which has affected everybody in the ascending community.

This powerful full moon has brought up huge remnants of individual and collective shadow aspects which need to be transmitted and brought home to divine light.

There is a huge emphasis currently on really deeply feeling our feelings in order to transmit them and make different choices that are not based on unconscious programming.

Please know that as we align on a planetary basis towards the 8.8 portal the energies are definitely going to intensify as the light of the sirius Sun continues to burn down on us illuminating our paths and exposing all of our shadows.

Every year around the time of this portal, the pyramids and the Sphinx line up with the central Sirius sun. This activates a dispensation of spiritual light into the Earth’s atmosphere, enabling us all to radically heal ourselves of core trauma and truly stabilize and become one with our higher self. 

This 7/7 Portal is potentially the most powerful Sirian Gateway we have experienced as a collective consciousness.

We did phenomenal work in the 7/7 transmission, particularly with the area in Switzerland, where there were nefarious activity taking place. We removed the statue of the God Shiva, which was put there for malevolent purposes. And we replaced it with a statue of Yeshua and Magdalene, symbolic of sacred union, divine love, and creation energy in its most potent form.

We also activated a ladder of golden light into the heavens and we opened up an angelic portal, ensuring that the angelic realm would be the guardians and protectors of this sacred site. I am very confident that the work that we did in the 7/7 transmission has 100% sealed this portal closed forever, and no malevolent or nefarious energies will be allowed to enter into Earth’s atmosphere from this portal. 

The energies now are moving towards the Magdalene Feast day and the day out of time. This is an opportunity for us to deeply honour the sacred divine feminine and to hold a ceremony whereby she, the Queen of Heaven, is fully honoured for all the amazing gifts that she brings to us on an internal level and an external level.

We will be working with the energies of Mary Magdalene and the sacred Magdalene flame that burns within all of us, men, women, and children. And we will be working to empower, stimulate, and stabilise that flame at its highest, most optimum level. 

In the Magdalene Feast Day ceremony, we will ensure that the divine feminine energy is anchored into all of the sacred sites on the Earth and that the true divine feminine codes can be experienced, released, and activated within all divine feminines incarnated alive.

There are many other wondrous aspects to the Magdalene transmission, which will be revealed in due course. 

This is a huge twin flame gateway that we are currently in, and I am constantly receiving emails about people finally receiving contact from their twin flame after a period of separation.

Everyone on the twin flame path must work deeply with the Law of Assumption. Whatever you are assuming is the reality that you are co-creating with your twin flame. 

If you want to have a shift in your experience, then shift your assumptions. Assume that your twin flame is available now, is following you on social media, and is preparing to contact you. 

The more you can stand in the vibration of assumption, the more you fast-track your sacred union. 

Please see the 7/7 transmission. I speak deeply about the Law of Assumption and how to apply this to our lives.

Always remember that we are the ones that we have been waiting for and praying for. We are the Galactics returned back to this lifetime to fulfil the promise to restore the Earth back to its golden age glory. 

Each of us has been handpicked due to our specific spiritual gifts. And we are all here at this time to ensure victory for Mother Earth and all her children. Have no fear. 

Fear is the absence of love. 

Only love exists. 

I hope to see you all on the Magdalene transmission on the 22nd of July. 

Please see below for all the details, in love and eternal light, Jenji and the White Wolf tribe. 

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