London Bridge Is Falling? – July 14, 2022

🔥London Bridge is Falling🔥

Do NOT be distracted with what the Fake News is putting out on the Tory Leadership and who’s going to be running to become the next PM. It’s all BS and a distraction. [They] are all being exposed for fraud and corruption and we know it goes so much deeper. Doris 4.0 did his job with helping with the dismantling of the U.K. government who are knee deep in the Satanic Babylonian System. The MSM want you to look away from what’s really going on. And we ain’t buying it. I said last week there were arrests taking place before Doris resigned as PM of the Conservative party NOT of the country. He is still caretaker of the UK. That’s why there were so many people resigning (Arrested) last week. Again the MSM will not report the truth. That’s our job to get the real news out. Do you really think Trump and the Whitehats Alliance are allowing these Demonic psychopaths roam around freely? Absolutely NOT! As Q has said many times Justice is coming and so is the PAIN.

We are seeing so many fires in London right now. Fake News is reporting that the fires are connected to the heat wave that the U.K. is currently having caused by climate change which we know is a complete HOAX! The hot weather is a cover for taking down the underground tunnels and DUMBS. There’s been 4 Huge fires in the city of London in the last few days. The latest one is a Massive Fire in Eaton Place London which is very close to Westminster. Very Dasting indeed.


London Pub Fire, 125 firefighters tackle blaze from the basement at the Admiralty pub in Trafalgar Square.

Regent Street: Shoppers flee electrical fire beneath pavement

Parliament DUMB/Tunnels intel from our Jayne with over 30 years of Military experience…..

There’s a massive DUMB & tunnel system below Westminster Parliament with intricate tunnels expanding out of the city area. Access is via New Victoria tube line, Intercontinental Hotel on Park Lane, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park tube station ( All part of the Maglev train system).

London Floods last year…

London Flooding Christmas 2021….

London Underground closures…

The amount of Tube stations that have closed down in just three years

More Intel and information of London Tube closures/Fire connections/ London DUMBS/Tunnels

Secret subterranean Britain mapped for the first time: New documents reveal the labyrinth of tunnels hidden under UK’s streets

David Mahoney has had it confirmed to him by 3 different sources, that there was about 35 FBI agents turned up at the Houses of Parliament last week, during all of the resignations. WHY would we have a US agency ‘storming’ the British government??

Please follow the lovely Bridget for more updates on habbenings around London. She is our boots on the ground.

Information from other sources…

Fall of the Deep State UK Government.

As military ops stand by in assistance White Hats FBI raid & retrieve computers, hard drives & servers inside the government offices as several cabinet members resigned & several operations took place through London in the early hours before Boris resigned.

HUGE things are happening behind the scenes with ongoing covert mil ops. global arrests and takedowns. You just need to look at everything from a bird’s eye view and connect the dots.

Thank you to our brave Military and Whitehats🙏


One thought on “London Bridge Is Falling? – July 14, 2022

  1. Hmmm interesting, been waiting for some news for a while…exciting. Saw that there was activity and smoke coming form Salisbury Plain a few days ago too. Things are a heating up 😉


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