X22 Report — Episode 2823: Time to Return to Sovereignty of Peoples and Civilization, Durham Requests 30 Subpoenas ~ July 13, 2022


Ep. 2823a – Transition From The Globalists, Time To Return To Sovereignty Of Peoples & Civilization

The world is rising up, the [CB] cannot stop it, they are panicking. Inflation is out of control, the reported inflation is 9.1% but the real inflation is closer to 20% or even higher since they changed the calculation multiple times. Putin sends message, the globalists system is coming to an end.


Ep. 2823b – Durham Requests 30 Subpoenas, Sting Operation Active, [HB] Will Bring Down DC

The [DS] is ready to deploy all assets to stop the truth from coming out. They projected everything they have been doing on Trump and now it’s about to be reversed and the people are going to see it was actually the [DS] that did all these things.

Durham requests 30 subpoenas, the sting operation is active. The [HB] information is going to bring down DC because these corrupt politicians are part of the system. Down she goes.

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