Telegram Today – July 13, 2022

God knows.



The timing that VK is putting this out is hilarious.

They have to tell you first.

Get ready, it’s coming.




Seems to be fitting to repost this video on the nuclear destruction of NYC




2015 (5776/1776 Hebrew calendar) was the International Year of the Light, the Year of Lucifer.


Lucifer 👉 the Light Bearer.

A New Age.

The Age of Enlightenment.

The Golden Age.

The Great Deception

The Rise of the Antichrist


The Old New World Order will be destroyed.

The New New World Order will be ushered in.

From the Iron Age to the Golden Age.

Their New Age is coming.

Turning Lead into Gold.

The Great Awakening



Oy vey. Another president with a black hat. The Cohen-cidences are overwhelming.


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