Buck Full Moon Tonight – July 13, 2022






GUS GRISSOM the lost Apollo Astronaut, who got missing in action in 1967, has similar features with GARTH ENNIS, a comic writer.

His topics are

The Punisher

Marjorie [ Greene?]

The Boys- now produced 🎥 with DJT resemblance of main actor [ The Rolling Stones Magazine]

The Preacher- resemblance ELVIS IS ALIVE

TIME FLIES- time travelling agents and the Nazi clean-up


And what about Gus being part of the MERCURY project?

Isn’t mercury an element for [ET/ vedic] time travelling devices?

Expand your thinking….


Appear weak when strong.

People are starting to understand the script now.

Will going to court help or harm Twitter?

So why are they?

Full Control

Enjoy the Show


Another video from Mavourene Robinson for Maryland State Senate District 12.


Warning 👇


Mind you storms happened last night in DC and Maryland.

Goes with Julie Green’s Prophecy 👇

(Blackouts) 👆👇

January 22nd, 2022

You will see a monument destroyed in this hour. This monument will show the world that all their plans are falling as I speak these words. Know that when you see this monument crumble to the ground, I am moving quickly to restore My nation back as a superpower that the United States was always meant to be with no restrictions, with no satanic agenda, with no interference from any infiltrators and with no more of these swamp rats controlling My nation or it’s government. A clean sweep of it all. A complete restoration and people in power I have put in this hour. My light is shining on My nation to completely set you free from what you see now.

Power outages and rolling blackouts. Watch as you see these and know I am moving to remove them all. That is My promise to you. Not one will be left in power that is against Me, saith the Lord of Hosts.

A hurricane? They will say ‘that’s not possible. It’s not the season for those. It can’t be. Winds and waves are just naturally going to hit this land.’ It’s also a perfect storm in the spirit realm against your enemies. That perfect storm is hitting them right now but will also continue to intensify over the next couple of months.

GOD is on the MOVE 🙏



When we fully enter 5th Density (D5, 5D) we become INVISIBLE to ALL ENEMIES and therefore can never again be invaded and enslaved again. This transition is complete at some point over the next 2 years.




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