UniversalWindsofChange: All Falling Perfectly into Place ~ The Reset is For Us ~ Numbers Don’t Lie ~ July 12, 2022


A post submitted by CGI member UniversalWindsofChange.


All Falling Perfectly into Place ~ The Reset is For Us ~ Numbers Don’t Lie ~ Last Call



Join us on this informational call chronicling the Paradigm Shift of Planet Earth which includes progress reports on the much revered GCR and transition to a life filled with abundance for all, with early delivery for Lightworkers.

We will discuss a variety of topics, all designed to empower you on your path towards freedom and enlightenment, with much love and encouragement to all.

Topics such as…

Miracles and Manifestations – Let the Magic begin as you also start Manifesting

Health and Healing – You can help yourself and stop the dependency

Bankster Battles – How to fight and win issues most of us deal/have dealt with
Geopolitics and Global Finance – As its unfolding, in Real-Time and relates to you

Join us LIVE on Sunday @4pm EST
Dial-in (717) 908-1834 – Pin 984113#
Replay (717) 908-1837 – Pin 984113#
Live Callers invited to stay for the AfterCall Party
Stay in touch, for BREAKING NEWS and instant Notice TEXT @Aftercall to 81010
Twitter = https://twitter.com/GraceWithGlory1
Facebook = http://www.facebook.com/GraceWithGlory

Brighteon = https://www.brighteon.com/channels/gracewithglory

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