July 12, 2022: Irregular Warfare Can Be Fun


The more things change, the more they stay the same. I couldn’t log into my Proton Mail accounts again this morning. DownDetector is showing a lot of problems from coast to coast these past 24+ hours. Interesting. Makes me wonder if certain parties have been using the encrypted mail service for unsavoury purposes and perhaps are being blocked/investigated. No worries. I have a Gmail account if I really need it.

And… from Telegram.

Just prior to pushing the button I saw this:

BREAKING: Jan. 6 Committee Cancels Thursday Hearing After Steve Bannon Says He Will Only Testify Live and In Person — And After Release of Explosive TGP Report

The Ukraine situation does not seem to be dying down after this alarming news out of Ezra Cohen last night on Telegram. As we know, there was a LOT of very nasty stuff going on in the maze of tunnels under Ukraine that needed addressing. Some of this might be cover for those operations to deal with them.

We got word from Ukraine. Everyone at the Soviet Base camp’s dead. New signs of fighting. Parasites. Zelensky’s men are headed north. That is their last hideout. That’s where they’ll active the final Trump card.

Unless we stop him, he’ll go down in history a conquering victor. We can’t let that happen.

Wipe them out…Don’t leave any trace of their existence.

Followed by:

Ukranian Bio Labs were creating ethnic cleansing parasites.

Did I not suggest quite some time ago that the health issues we’re facing, including cancer and the Wu Flu, seem like they are probably parasitic in nature? It does explain why dog dewormer meds [Fenbendazole], Ivermectin [horse paste] and Hydroxychloroquine [antimalarial] are so effective in knocking out the China virus—and some claim, cancer, as well.

It might also explain why vaxxines cause cancer. They could be injecting parasites.

And is that why no one could isolate a “Covid virus”—because it’s not a virus? I think we knew it’s not a virus because a virus is generated by the body in response to unhealthy conditions within, according to a few researchers and practitioners with more credibility than Fauci, the CDC, WHO, NIAID, etc.

Which begs the question, are the “variants” they are saying are now circulating, actually new or different strains of the parasites the psychopaths designed to target and attack different racial backgrounds?

What I’m asking is, was the first “SARS-Covid virus” designed to target one kind of DNA, the Omicron another, and now subsequent ones other DNA types until nearly all Humans they want to eradicate have been infected?

Is that why these freakazoids are hell-bent on getting us to believe there are more viruses going around now, like Monkey Pox and the Marburg Virus? [rhetorical question] They need us all vaxxed—so they can kill us. Watch the news report on Telegram.

WATCH: What exactly is the Marburg Virus. Symptoms are similar to Ebola and Malaria Symptoms. Difficult to differentiate

Here’s a recent discovery about the jabs they want everyone to get. What do you know? Contrary to what we have been told by the “experts”, a Swedish University in Malmo confirms that the mRNA vaxxines CAN change Human DNA in the lab, which may open the door for new lawsuits regarding discrimination. Short video.

What the fuc…

— Rising serpent 🇺🇸 (@rising_serpent) July 11, 2022

You can’t make this up, folks. There is a long-standing depopulation agenda. Abortion is just a small part of it.

Stanley Johnson Would Like To Reduce The Population Of The UK From 68 Million To 15 Million By 2025

the father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has written dozens of books including ‘The Virus’, ‘The Marburg Virus &Life Without Birth pic.twitter.com/veVgQkrvdX

— Peter Niblett (@Peteuk001) July 12, 2022

This moron Tedros is claiming Covid isn’t over, and if you hadn’t heard, they want everyone in public transit and traveling to be masked up with the top-of-the-line safety masks—no kerchiefs, scarves, bandanas, or gause masks this time! N95+++. They’re going to make the 3M company rich.

“New waves of the virus demonstrate again that Covid-19 is nowhere near over,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a news conferencehttps://t.co/Ax7keydLyz

— Hindustan Times (@htTweets) July 12, 2022

Do we really believe Tedros—THIS guy—was honestly reelected as head of the World Health Organization? He was installed again because he’s a puppet. I can’t find the video of Tedros gyrating his hips in time to the music. This was allegedly taken at Epstein Island. Oh, those shorts.

Tedros, complaining to Epstein Island management:
– I mean…I was told…the kids..I mean…they’re SO OLD!
(If that’s him, he wouldn’t last 10 minutes in the streets of Mogadishu) pic.twitter.com/eNwwDfjH6l

— NordicEthos (@NordicEthos) December 1, 2021

The update…

“NOW – WHO’s Tedros declares that COVID remains a “public health emergency” of international concern.”

Speaking of pedophiles and pedovores… [yes, we were], Ezra Cohen posted this afternoon some not surprising but very interesting intel:

Meanwhile, the farmers rise in solidarity.

The farmers of the two countries are more united than ever. Dutch and German Farmers Exchange Flags at the Border. #Netherlands #Germany #German #DutchFarmers #Dutch pic.twitter.com/xFMvPuuYRm

— PN News (@PN_News_EN) July 12, 2022

I’ve also read that the Picnic supermarket in the Netherlands owned by Bill Gates was probably torched by the Dutch people in revolt of the New World Order.

I think there’s probably more to this than meets the eye. Le Starbuck is a cabal outfit so…

Starbucks Closing Some Stores, Citing Safety Concerns in Certain Cafes

The “Trump of the Tropics”, Brazil’s Jaire Bolsonaro has a plan: Link to Telegram for video.

🇧🇷 President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro:

“On my trip to Russia, I arranged fertilizers for agribusiness. And now, too, an agreement is almost certain to buy diesel much cheaper from Russia, while Petrobras, you know, some already bought more expensive.”

There’s always another way. Cut out the cabal players and do an end run. Hopefully Russia’s much-maligned reputation can be mended quickly.

Wasn’t it curious what Trump said about Russia in his Anchorage address, though? He was speaking to the “normies”, not us. They’re not ready to reveal to the public exactly what has been going on in Ukraine or that Russia saved us all by going in and cleaning it out.

Trump has also been outspoken about the death penalty and the pedos are in the cross hairs.

A lot of people are fed up; not the least of whom are the Americans—the ones with guns. Everyone is re-learning their Constitutional Rights to carry arms, protect themselves, their families, and their property. Anyone disrespecting those rights and our personal boundaries had better be prepared for a fight. They might wind up on the losing end of a smoking barrel.

Ben Fulford, a long time Japan resident, had a very interesting update yesterday and went into some background on Japan’s political history and inside ruling parties.

Abe, Johnson fall, Biden and Macron next as Khazarian mafia takedown continues

Taking that into consideration, we have this development from yesterday:

Mourners throng Shinzo Abe’s funeral as his party secures sombre Japan election win

Taking the drama down a notch, we have another beautiful update from Laura Walker’s Oracle Report. You can download or listen there. 11 min. If you’re a big Laura fan you might also want to click the link there to her guest appearance with Phoenix on the PIR from July 10.

The Oracle Report: July 11, 2022 Pluto Part 2

Q warned… Praying Medic Dave Hayes reminds us on Telegram.

When Q stopped posting in 2020, dozens of people appeared on social media claiming to be intelligence insiders.
They’ve gathered large followings.
They’ve made a lot of money.
But not one has provided information that wasn’t already in the public domain.

Now that Q has returned, these so-called intelligence insiders are claiming the new Q posts are fake.
Not surprising.
Q is bad for their business model.

This coming Sunday is the 17th of July. We’ll see what happens. The White Hats have been building the momentum with bigger and bigger truths revealed, and bigger and bigger lies exposed. We know nothing can stop what is coming—but it won’t be pretty.

The digital soldiers and the awakened are ready. Come on—knock our socks off!

Out for now.  ~ BP

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