Hot Summer – July 12, 2022

Hot Summer🔥– Hot Weather/Heatwave being a cover for taking down DUMBS/TUNNELS – The MASSIVE Fires that are being reported have underground heat spots close by or at the same location.


passing motorist filmed a huge fire that broke out on Monday afternoon (11 July) alongside the A61 near Ripon, in North Yorkshire, with clouds of smoke billowing from the crops engulfed in flames.

Six fire engines had to be called to tackle the inferno, with locals being warned by police to avoid the area. The incident was later closed at 6:30 pm.


Didn’t know that there’s been 4 fires in a month in Rome👀🔥

Rome was struck by a major fire on Saturday, the fourth in less than a month, prompting the centre-right, which also criticised the city’s long-standing waste management problem, to call for a state of alert for the city.


Huge fire breaks out at Sherwood Forest


Underground hotspot just under 3 miles away from Sherwood Forest.

Intel from our lass Jayne who has over 30 years of military experience…..

(Sherwood Forest) Is not far from Lincoln Cathedral & there’s been quite a lot of military activity in this area just lately. Nottingham has a labyrinth of tunnels that covers the whole of the city spreading out to locations around Nottingham. Many of these tunnels come up in the basement of houses, pubs & shops & of course Nottingham Castle.



Some pics from the fire at Trafalgar Square today



[PART 2] Continued…..

Stonehenge Tunnel/DUMB take down Massive fire reported on Sailsbury Plain. 12/7/2022

Ok, so just been looking at the fire at Sailsbury Plain and a fren on the channel was up there today to go investigate and see what’s happening there.

From Valisa (also please see the Videos)…

So we went and took a look 12/7/2022 and found a couple of osprey flying around landing by some woods.. and taking off again they did this a few times, then we noticed the smoke in the distance I’m guessing this is the fire they are talking about. (Sailsbury Plain) massive field. I live about 10 mins drive to the white horse, amazing views from up there, you have the military one side training etc, you can walk for miles such a vast area but it’s fenced off for safety within a certain area you can’t get too close.

Intel From Jayne our lass with over 30 years military experience….

Stonehenge is believed to be an epicentre of earth energy, with as many as 14 ley lines converging on the site. Stone Henge is also situated in the county of Witshire that contains 4 very large DUMBS which are Rudloe Manor (formerly RAF Box, this DUMB contains extremely nasty demonic entities, Corsham Computer Centre DUMB is where blackmail documents are stored on computer, Porton Down has 6 levels, chemical & nuclear storage, hybridization research, Project Mannequin, MK Ultra (making super soldiers) This is the site of the world’s longest running chemical weapons testing on humans facility, East Knoyle dumb has access from Cloud House owned by Aleister Crowley, there is a massive demonic presence here. the amount of tunnels from these DUMBS is colossal & all will pass through Stonehenge. With all that earth energy, ley lines & nefarious DUMBS & tunnels the demonic energy must be off the scale. We definitely have off world alliance helping earth alliance to sort this, as this requires a different method of distruction as they are dealing with demonic energy like no other.

As you can see on (Zoom Earth) there’s currently 4 underground hotspots on Salisbury Plain. 1 hotspot is (8.5) miles from Stonehenge and the other closest to stone henge is only (5.2) miles from Stonehenge. Stonehenge is on the (34) satanic sites/structure/buildings that are to be taken down by the White-hat alliance with off world help. My guess is that the stones will be destroyed very soon like we seen with the destruction of the Georgia Guide stones last week and the massive Vatican/Rome fire a couple of days ago. Which are also on the (34 Satanic sites) list.

The Whitehat Alliance continue to take down the Satanic Sites across the world and we are witnessing this in real time. We thank the Military for all their hard work, bravery and courage for saving those beautiful children and helping humanity move forward in New Earth. God bless them all.

Massive Credit to Valisa who is our boots on the Ground and our Jayne.🔥🔥🔥


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