They Show it in Series ~ July 11, 2022


Editor’s Note: Below is a description for how those who are “aware” now see facets of life from another point-of-view. As humanity enters in to the expanded consciouness of 5D, another mindset evolves for viewing how personal lives can be different from focusing on mere “survival”. Let’s transfer this new “sight” from viewing a TV series to the action drama you are now living!

Oh…those “survival” actions will still need to be taken, yet when viewed with a different heart, balancing those new possibilities that emerge offer circumstances which are beyond that which you have yet lived. Of course, as your new reality begins to manifest, your emergence into a new way of seeing leaves you to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Gas is turned off, warnings of blackout by Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder, who blames the German government for it (miracles still happen!), earthquake on Saturday, some outages at ATMs, sporadic outages of the internet or mobile network, that’s what happened in the last days here in the country. The “explanations” of the “quality media” are grotesque and nonsensical for awakened people, the rest of the people believe everything. It also still believes in “exercises” of the military, even if these “maneuvers” take place in the most nonsensical regions. The indoctrination still works, even if slowly but surely a reversal to criticism can be noticed in some media. And too often, to be coincidence, the “17” appears, either in the time of day or the sum of the hours, or the “17” appears in the text or the headline. At what point does it become mathematically impossible? In any case, we awakeners are always happy when we get to see this beautiful number. It is also noticeable that presenters wear yellow clothes in broadcasts. In the flag alphabet “yellow” is assigned to the letter “Q”. You see, clues upon clues, if you look and have knowledge in this regard.

In the last days and weeks I watch in my free time (evenings) more often a good movie, also older movies, but also series. And, because I liked to watch it in the past, there is also sometimes an older series. From the 70s and 80s. And with the knowledge of today I realize, once again, that they have shown us a lot in movies and series. And above all, they showed us what we should have done. But at that time, unfortunately, the awareness was not yet big enough, we were younger and had other things in mind. Today, however, even the two series I would like to address now make real sense.

The first conspiracy theorist who brought himself into our perception with an incomparable meticulousness was, in my eyes, “QUINCY”. He has the feeling, indeed he knows it, in every case, in every episode, that what is shown to him, or explained to him, does not correspond to what is true. And he stands, as many of us do today, mostly alone. In front of his boss, the police, his colleagues, even his friends. But he doesn’t let it get him down and keeps going until he can uncover the truth. With evidence, of course. What always amazes me after watching many episodes is that in his environment, the characters do not change their behavior towards Quincy. The more episodes come, the more it must be obvious that he is mostly right with his theories. But that is certainly due to the script. For me it can be explained with constant repetitions. Each episode with a different plot, but the message for the viewer that is constantly repeated is “Trust your instinct, intuition, gut and heart feeling, no matter what others say, what evidence shows or what witnesses say!”

What letter does “QUINCY” begin with? Which letter is featured big and wide in the opening title? A coincidence? Not at all, from today’s perspective. A series character who questions everything the outside shows him, contrary to the “opinions” of boss, colleagues, police and witnesses, and never gives up until he finds the truth, and his name just happens to start with “Q”? I think that this is no coincidence, the character and the series could have been called “MILLER”. Now here’s something else, maybe by the hair. Quincy’s actor is Jack Klugman. The German word “klug” would translate as “wise.” So his last name literally translates to “WISEMAN.” Also a coincidence? And then do the following (if you want) and enter the names of the characters or actors into Gematria, you’ll be surprised what comes up. I’m not skilled with gematria and do it very rarely, but I was amazed in places.

So for me, the “Quincy” series is a call to recognize and learn that not everything we are shown on the outside is the truth, that nothing is as it seems. And that we can get answers if we persevere, don’t give up, and go against the majority sometimes. These are patriotic qualities and also the tasks for Anons. Wasn’t it said “Learn our communication?” . What if it meant not only the drops, but also movies, series and documentaries from years past?

The next series where I noticed messages and clues is “Columbo”. The down-and-out inspector who keeps bugging and asking questions until he’s convicted the culprit. The one who walks around in unsightly clothes and deliberately plays dumb all the time. So that he is underestimated. The series not only conveys the message that you have to ask questions to achieve your goal, it also borrows a bit from SunTzu. “Appear weak when you are strong,” for example. The viewer underestimates the dorky inspector, as well as the killer(s), who of course are already known at the beginning of the episode. “I can think of something else!” either with a raised hand or a hand to the head. We should also think of many things, or we should also ask one last question, don’t you think? Columbo is intelligent, appears dorky, he annoys the perpetrator, it even becomes unpleasant for viewers in places. But he always achieves his goal, just like Quincy does. And for Gematria fans: type in the name of the series sometime and also the name Peter Falk, again I was amazed, no matter if it was Jewish, English or simple Gematria. Fascinating. The producers also should not have taken anyone else for the role than Peter Falk. For me, another message: namely, that we can become something even with a handicap. Like Peter Falk with a glass eye that absolutely fits the role.

I watch films and series today with completely different eyes. And I watch older films and series. Because I can hardly stand the shallow, stultifying “entertainment” of today’s “quality media”. I don’t know what kind of sh….. is shown in America or anywhere else in the world. is shown, in Germany it is absolutely stultifying and almost dangerous for a brain. From the low frequencies by the television times apart, it is the subliminal and hidden messages. But the alliance will soon intervene here. The beginnings have been made, for some of us awakening is not fast enough. Nevertheless, it has gained momentum, the beginning has been made, the first domino has fallen. You know what I mean. A lot of things are becoming more and more obvious because Allianz is very much exaggerating the script in the screenplay for all the actors towards the end. Deliberately exaggerates.

Please keep on trusting, keep on believing that the show will end soon. Fall of the Guidestones, activation of CERN, resignations of government leaders, presidents, it all takes the course it must have now. It only goes this way.

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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