Divinefeminine7777 ~ July 11, 2022


dna activation

Many are in a void like feeling right now, not being able to feel the connections but knowing everything is perfect the way it is, trusting in the divine plan. The powerful energy coming in and the shifts that happened in the last week with the Sirius gateway and the 77 portal brought changes to our energetic system. Many experienced extreme tiredness or even fatigue, a daily lack of energy, whole-body tiredness not relieved by sleep. During sleep we were clearing and some experienced nightmares. We were not just clearing our own subsonscious and conscious fears, wounds and blocks, we were also clearing the collective energy.

The false beliefs and society rules that are keeping us stuck in low frequency energy. Our DNA was upgraded. We have progressed so much that we have made it to another, higher level and slowly the changes, shifts and upgrades will be seen in the physical life too. Notice that your aura is bigger and brighter, that you can connect with your soul in a deeper way. Achieve inner balance and harmony in your physical life easier and faster. Many person have been activated during this intense period and started their ascension process which also means we are holding light for them too and being their pillars, even if we don’t know them personally, we are supporting each other energetically because this is what we do. It is time to shine your light. 🤍🧡

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