Chohan of the Ascended Ray ~ THE RETURN OF THE COSMIC MOTHER OF DRAGONS ~ The Anchoring in of the Feminine Christ ~ July 11, 2022


Happy Solar Return to our Divine BroThor of the Light Nikola Tesla. We dedicate today’s transmissions to our Venusian Brother of Light. To commemorate Nikola’s birthday, Solaris released another barrage of Solar Flares with multiple C Class and an M1.3 Class flare flooding this realm with more Higher Energetics directly from the Great Central Sun. The hub of our Galaxy, Hunab Ku.

Today we also commence the powerful Red Skywalker Wavespell of Prophecy and exploration. We begin with kin 53 Red Magnetic Skywalker as we journey through these 13 days of Prophecy we have 3 clear signs from the sarcophagus lid of Mayan King Pacal Votan. This also honors Pacal’s birth, death and resurrection.

From the Great Central Sun to the Inner Earth Sun, all the Heavenly Stars are connecting and transmitting the highest Light, Love and Codes for our full transformation and Ascension into 5D and beyond.

The Dragon Elders from the East are finalizing the changes for the release of the energies needed for our Freedom and Prosperity upon the New Earth. The Gold Ray of Christ Consciousness has returned and in this Process of Resurrection and Ascension the Holy Grail has been activated within every living heart of the Pure Ones of the New Lemuria.

As we realize our True Nature, of Buddha Consciousness, we begin the New Path of the Journey to the Inner Realms of Eternal Bliss Consciousness. The Mirror is intrinsically empty and reflects everything perfectly. The Mind in motion is what we place within the mirror to create the simulation of  movement and expansion. All things are perfectly resolved in the Unborn Mind of Buddha, which is the Pure Awareness of our Original Self of Infinite Life.

Continue going through and through and through until full compression breakthrough, as SuperNova Rainbow Bodies of Eternal Life…A’Ho!

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