Breaking Events Today – July 11, 2022

DEVELOPING: Deadly Shootings Reported At Four Different 7-Eleven Locations Across Southern California

Here’s What We Know:


Vatican obelisk destroyed!


Trump as Batman? 🙂


NEW – Natural gas flow has now stopped between Russia and Germany in the Nord Stream 1 pipeline for the annual maintenance, scheduled from July 11 to July 21.



Trains/planes grounded? 🙂

Heathrow cancels more than 60 flights before lunchtime – live updates


World governments being replaced? 🙂

Emmanuel Macron to told to resign over Uber files scandal in France | Politics | News |


Bidan & Macron Simultaneously.


Russian Navy takes delivery of Putin’s super sub: Largest submarine to be built in 30 years that has enough firepower to take out entire cities and unleash ‘radioactive tsunamis’ is set to go into service

Putin delivered huge sub with power to unleash ‘radioactive tsunamis’



Hunter – Stealth Drone

Poseidon – Apocalyptic Tidal Wave Torpedo from Sub

Checkmate – Jet

Satan 2 – ICBM

Red October.

Like in the Q Drops

Vengeful One – Anti-Satellite Weapons [ASAT] – The Media is Last to Fall.

Libel Laws.

Humpty Dumpty to the Deep State



#2 anticipated date for Voyager crypto+financial domino crash (2 week delay from 6/27 per article)

Exodus 7:11-24 Great Flood

Elon tweeted 7.11 gas prices

7/11 deadline… The London Metal Exchange will no longer be able to suppress Gold and Silver in future contracts. This is Y It means no more price suppression for Gold and Silver. Wonder what kind of effect that will have on the markets?

Comex589 beginning?

Rome on 🔥🔥

#DropTheReports 🔥🔥🔥


Synthetic Meat Factory owned by Gates Foundation in Netherlands burns down.

July 11 + 40 days = THE STORM/FLOOD.

13 day event inside that.

Q says Done in 30.

+ 120 Days = November 8

Global Martial Law Transition to GESARA. – Constitutional Law Worldwide etc

All in Genesis 7 11 – 24

Read Genesis 7 24

July 11 + 120 + 30 [150days] for the rain to completely clear.


2 thoughts on “Breaking Events Today – July 11, 2022

  1. You are definitely burning the midnight oil. Lots of intel. BTW, Phil cancelled tonite’s Live too. I have a good idea who his main intel is based on info he has talked about.


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