Your Sunday Digest for July 10, 2022: The World In an Uproar to Wake the Dead ~ July 10, 2022


If you can hear yourself think above the din of the protests, demonstrations, and demands for justice and freedom, congratulations. We can hear them from here [Arizona] to Nebraska.

I hope you have your popcorn ready. Extra butter… Himalayan salt… cheesy sprinkles…

The farmers are uniting in many nations. India has joined now.

Farmers protests in Haryana India 🇮🇳
🤔 all farmers around the world protesting same time

— Ninnyd 🇬🇧❤️🇺🇸 Waiting~4~the Revolution (@ninnyd101) July 10, 2022

Heads up, Canada! This would be delicious. Link to Telegram.

A little bird just informed me that what happened in Sri Lanka will happen in Canada.

Justin Trudeau will be dragged out of office and humiliated in front of the world stage.


Soon that haughty sneer will have vanished from Turdeau’s face.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

In Sri Lanka they didn’t stop with the President. They’re going after the banksters. This needs to happen in every country.

Thousands of protestors in Sri Lanka have broken through the front gate at the Central Bank. Looks like the people have finally figured whose to blame for inflation soaring at 110%/yr. Take a

— Steve Hanke (@steve_hanke) July 10, 2022

Even in Switzerland they are protesting the insane mandates.

The people of Switzerland in the streets of Zurich in protest against the introduction of all WHO health protocols, Klaus Schwab’s and SEF’s agenda, demanding that the state return freedom to its citizens and preserve sovereignty and neutrality.

— Tony (@mrtdogg_) July 10, 2022

In Nebraska, they’re fed up with the leadership. Link to Telegram.

Did you hear what happened today at the Nebraska GOP Convention???
They blocked some delegates from entering, even having one arrested. Then the patriots rose up and voted the chairman out and elected a patriot as chair! The entire corrupt establishment executive committee quit!!! Soooo proud of them!

We don’t know who is running the Telegram accounts with recognizable names like Princess Diana, JFK Jr., John McAfee, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, Julian Assange, etc. but we are given information and the savvy ones know. When you know, you know. The Edward Snowden Telegram account has a lot of good information. They posted the following last night and then this morning so we have a good idea of what’s coming.

Hackers have successfully entered Hunter Biden’s iCloud account, downloaded 450gigabytes of his data, have shared it via torrent, and are now currently combing through the data and sharing what they find on the various image boards.

The data on the iCloud account is bad… real bad.

I also saw a Telegram post telling people not to download any dark material from 8Chan to their devices which would incriminate them. No one wants the authorities flagging them for porn, pedophilia, snuff films, etc.

We don’t know who is really posting this information but it is worth reading to flesh out your innerstanding about the underground world of pedophilia and pedovoria. Link to Telegram for more details.

By using covert communications and symbolism – it kept the deep dark pedophile rings hidden from the light.


We all have a responsibility to protect our global children


Jovenel Moïse, former Haitian President assassinated July 2021

I forgot to share this last week.

Haiti Did Not Vaccinate Its Citizens, The Current Vax Rate is 1.4% — Yet Country Has One of Lowest COVID Death Rates in the World — Weird, Huh?

And that reminded me of the assassination of their President and I found this press statement from Tony Blinken.

Statement on the Anniversary of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse’s Assassination

Apparently the world leaders who refused to go along with the globalists’ plan to vaxx the world, lock them down, etc. were eliminated if they could find a way to do it. We know of five, which is pathetic when you consider how many took the money offered, lied to the populace, stripped them of their rights, and followed the torture agenda of invasive testing for a non-existent pathogen, isolation, and possibly mandated poisonous experimental injections under threat of losing employment, travel freedom, education, and even shopping for necessities.

Those greedy, psychotic thugs should be dragged from their castles and mansions and lynched for the public to see. Prison is too good for them. They need a taste of their own barbarism. Perhaps public hangings will dissuade others from going down the same path.

Rather than a flowery verse of reverence for their headstone, they should have the following:

I was hanged by the American People for treason, sedition, pedovoria, etc., whatever fits the crimes.

There is a lengthy update on Telegram about some portions of “the deep state plan” to destabilize the planet and bring their New World Order. Link to Telegram.

Japan Crime minister Abe Shinzo ( assassination or avatar killed)/// > the back story of Shinzo<<

_After the Mass killings of Japanese through the Fukushima planned EVENT…
False flag OPERATIONS of the Jesuits/ ROTHSCHILDs to take full control of Japan economy resources and people….. This major event was to take half of Japans population ( over 50 million) and scare them into MASS MIGRATION…. The scenario would include UN forces to help evacuate the country and cause mass hysteria with Controlled mainstream media covering the details…

This deep state plan was designed by the DAVOS GROUP
/Bush admin/Jesuits society/ROTHSCHILDs and much of the DEEP STATE regimen….. The goal of the plan was for breaking China into smaller countries and by first creating a false flag event of Fukushima.

At the same time 8 trillion$$$$
Would be stolen from the Japans economy and system…
And the event started by banks stealing hundreds of BILLIONS in pension funds from citizens and companies…. Then Deep State run Military black ops set up three simultaneously attacks on Fukushima Nuclear power plant >first tectonic weapons were used to trigger an earthquake > second 2 underground nuclear bombs were exploded under the ocean of the coast >third thermite incendiary bombs were placed directly at Fukushima power plant.

_The [DS] plan was to mass migrate Japan to North Korea
( Korea would militarize the Japanese and attack china from the south)
_U.S. Would use Japan as a staging ground for attacks from the East
_Russia would come in from the north against china
_Taiwan would head staging grounds of the coast of china and hit Southern China
_All G7 countries were expected to join the fight ( Invasion) against china

The planned failed after INDIA, Russia and Taiwan rejected the invasion…. As did the Pentagon.

All the military reports and analysis reported the same out come of world scale NUCLEAR fallout as China would unleash it’s arsenal and cause a blackout of the northern hemisphere and the over 80% of humans would die

After the Fukushima EVENT and the attempted 8 Trillion$$$ heist of Japans economy. GDP and gold by the ROTHSCHILDS the Chinese Elders and dragon clans came together to protect Japan and caused Hundreds of earthquakes through Chinas platonic weapons against Atlantic Island of La Palma ….
After these Earthquakes the United States military came to agreements with the Chinese clans and families ( that are part of white HATS OPERATIONS in CCP to end communism)

THE DEEP state was in great fear of China coming to the BRINK of creating their own digital currency and bringing Asia into their system That was part of the reason Bush/Obama/VATICAN/Jesuits/ DAVOS GROUP/ CABAL wanted to invade CHINA……. ( But now Chinas new digital currency/ gold back trading system is in play as half of the world has currently switched over their system .. With the BRICS countries and more applying for membership)

After Fukushima the DAVOS GROUP installed a Fake President in Japan > Abe Shinzo

This President learned and knew all the corruption and evil WAR MONGERING the Deep State was controlling and creating and SHINZO knew of all the dead bodies ( intelligence CLASSIFIED information/ DEEP STATE OPERATIONS/ ALL AGENDAS CONNECTED TO THE KILLINGS OF INNOCENT JAPANESE CITIZENS AND POLITICIANS… All for control by the world DEEP STAR CABAL)//
MILITARY INTEL WIRES; Say Shinzo became a turn coat ( much like George H.W Bush before his death and have all details to White HATS military before his death..> hence Clintons… Jeffrey Epstein EXPOSURE…..///

>RUSSIAN/China/Iran forces to start military drills , exercises and plans in south America
>Japan prime minister assassinated

Seth Keshel/Captain K has let some real zingers go throughout his election number crunching process. Last week he told us what happened in Honolulu, Hawai’i. See how easy it is to throw an election? This was just one city. Between the dead people voting, rigged machines, Sharpie pens, ballot harvesting, truckloads of fake ballots, mail-in ballots, absentee voting, people from outside the county voting, non-citizens voting—it was a piece of cake. Link to Telegram.

Very interesting how the 80,000 “deadwood” voters in Honolulu’s DIRTY voter rolls that the City Clerk just admitted to in this video aligns very well with the in-depth analysis of @RealSKeshel who estimates that we had 90,000 imaginary votes in Honolulu’s 2020 election. But “that’s typical of Hawaii” the City Clerk tells everybody… 🙄

Follow and volunteer with @AuditTheVoteHI if you want to do something about this and assist in the local grassroots efforts for free and fair elections

The mob that has been ruling the planet for hundreds of years have been exposed and their regime is over. The Dominion voting machines are a tool not for democracy but for tyranny. Link to Telegram for more info.

The machines have been rigged all over the WORLD!

Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)

As per an estimate; 31 countries used or studied the EVMs, only 4 used it nationwide, 11 used EVMs in some parts or small elections. There are 5 countries using it on a pilot basis, 3 nations have discontinued it and 11 that used it on a pilot basis decided to stop its use.

Electronic Voting Machines are used in some of the world’s largest democracies, including Brazil, India and the Philippines. Some other countries are:
1. Belgium
2. Estonia
3. Venezuela
4. United Arab Emirates
5. Jordan
6. Maldives
7. Namibia
8. Egypt
9. Bhutan
10. Nepal

In October 2006, the Netherlands banned the use of EVMs. In the year 2009, the Republic of Ireland banned its use which is followed by Italy in the same year.

There’s so much going on I didn’t even watch the Trump rally in Alaska last night. It was a big hit and POTUS had a lot to say, some of which we didn’t expect. There is an RSBN video link in the article below.

MASSIVE Line Forms At Trump’s FIRST Rally Ever In Alaska

That’s going to do it for today. I’ll be back as I can. ~ BP

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