Steadfastness of Love – July 10, 2022

Editor’s Note: Please read these words from a blogger I adore, LiquidLoveLight. Hold these words in your BEing, snd then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


These times call for our hearts to stay on fire, to allow all emotions to be felt. As we open to everything, the feelings pass into the fiery furnace of our being to be lifted up in love. Our hearts are furnaces of love that will consume all the dross if we allow it. We have been programmed to close our hearts when heavy emotions arise. We are taught to shuttle them to another part of our body, hiding them away in our cells. Yet, our hearts will consume all the heaviness if we keep our heart flame alive. We do this by tending it, like any fire. It needs to be fed. Our hearts feed on love. As we stoke our flame with lovelight, it burns true and clear. It will transform everything given to it, into love. Just as a fire will consume cardboard, wood, plastic and food scraps, our hearts can consume all manner of hurts.

Sheltering from the rain, we can offer this shelter of love to one another.

Sheltering from the rain, we can offer this shelter of love to one another.

Tonight I am lying here awake, feeling a hurt. There are some in the family who are hurting and my heart feels it all. I am stoking my inner flame of love as I know that love will transform it. I also know that there is an allowing of space for the emotion to burn through. As well, I know that I am to speak to those involved, the truth, as I see it. That is part of my mother’s role. To speak up when I see actions that are causing harm, most often unconsciously. Families can be a force that amplifies each member’s light. We can help lift one another up to walk as our best selves. We can hold one another accountable to that truest version of ourselves. I want to be held accountable when my actions are less than loving as we are here to grow in love. It can be painful to face ourselves when we fall short. What grace there is to be held in love as we look at our actions or words that did not hold love. That is the gift that family and friends can offer one another.

So, I lie here and fill myself with liquidlovelight. I stream it from my heart to each one who I hold so dear. I visualize it as a warmth surrounding them, a deep sense that they are cherished and seen in all of their radiant beauty. I see my heart’s beauty as it sends forth this light. I allow this lovelight to weave amongst our hearts, weaving its tapestry of strength, caring and love. How beautiful each one is. How beautiful our family mandala of light is.

Another of my heart confirmations from the universe, telling me that I am loved. They come to me in so many creative ways!

Another of my heart confirmations from the universe, telling me that I am loved. They come to me in so many creative ways!

Now it expands. It flows out to other families, spiraling in ever increasing circles of liquidlovelght. Hearts being woven together, many strands of the One. There is so much love flowing to and on and around this planet……a love fest! Pastel ribbons shimmering as hearts open, one to another and on and on it flows.

The hot coal of hurt has lifted. My heart flame is burning bright with the love. It is so powerful and so steadfast. Amazing that we ever forget it. That we forget that we are rocked so gently in the arms of the Creator, always and forever. Every heart is our heart, beating a tune of love.

Now there is peace. Now I can sleep, knowing all will be resolved. All will come back to love. I call for our I AM presences to meet in the dream time to share this love and bring the memory back in the morning. May all awaken with joy filled hearts to a new day to love one another.

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