Patriot Underground Episode 229 ~ July 11, 2022


Alliance Staging Assault On Cartels
Monkey Werx Sitrep Analysis
Russian And Chinese Troops In Central America
Bill Gates Now Owns 270k Acres Of Farmland
Self-Replicating Nanotech In The Soil
Drought Conditions Threatening Food/Water Supply
Access To Drinking Water Restricted In Europe
Unemployment Soaring As Fiat Economy Implodes
Military Assets Headed To Venezuela To Challenge US
Sabotage From Within: Controlled Demolition Accelerates
Fake Biden Exporting Oil Reserves To China
Activity At Ports Reveals The Truth: Watch The Water
Financial Realignment: Europe To Defect From USD
Nesara/Gesara: Trillions Created In Past Several Months
Russian Oil Exports At Historic Levels
CMC America: Hypersonic Missiles In Nicaragua?
Cargo Delivery Systems Threaten The Coast
Massive Offensive On Kiev Imminent
Juan O Savin Comms Analysis: Epstein Flipped?
SCOTUS, Q And Navigating Disinfo
8 Kun; Captured Op?
Assange/31 TB Waiting In The Wings:
A Week That Will Change The World
2020 Legal Injunction: Red Flag Coming?
China/Georgia Election Fraud Connection
SES Vs Cheyenne Mountain Strategic Air Command
1954 COG Code Intel
Jan. 6 Triggered Wartime Footing
Space Force Was A Countermove
Trump Sworn In 3/11; Reversal Event
Tactical Nukes Authorized By SAC
CMC Europe: Russians Threatening City Of London
Q Team Authority Under Nuclear Threat
Legal Usurpation Of SES COG
Collapse From Within: Cabal Strategy
Slaves No More; Beautiful Times Ahead

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