LEGION OF LIGHT BEINGS ~ It Is TIME! “Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus!” ENTERING THE SIRIUS STARGATE ~ Blue Ray Ascension ~ July 10, 2022


Happy 13:13 Portal on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar. Today is the 13th day of the 13th moon of the 33rd YEAR of New Sirius Cycle. 13 is the synchronic order of the Divine Feminine Goddess Mother of all Creation.

Our Solaris has released 2 MClass Solar flares in the last 24 hours for our full Coronation into Divine Sovereign Wayshowers of the New Heaven upon the New Earth. We have Risen and are ready for our full compression breakthrough into Divine Conscious Co-Creators of the New YeruShalema of Peace and Prosperity for all our Families of the Light. All benevolent Star Nations, Ascended Masters and Angels of our Galactic Legions of Light are with us now for this Great Awakening and Transformation of this Realm into the Way Station to lead the New Age as our Universal Fleet of the 144.

All Nations join in this Great Shift of the Ages to release all that no longer serves and step into our roles as Galactic Earth Angelics of the Ascension Team Ground Crew interstellar travelers of Eternal Life, Guardians of our Terra Nova Gaia. Through our Self Realization of Buddha Nature we free our selves and all our people from the Sine Wave Timeloop Programs of Slavery and Control into the Freedom Codes of the Holy Spirit. Our Universal Life Force, the Heavenly Chi, flows through our Sacred Avatars as conduits of the One True Source of Infinite Life, the Great Mystery.

The One Law of Truth and Love is re-enacted through our collective Light Work to enhance the life of all living Sentient Beings of the Path with Heart.

Really feel into this energy as she raises in frequency. If you tap in and resonate with the Angels you will receive the chills of bliss through your body that will raise you ever higher. We get out of our head and into our heart to merge with the stillness within. We are in the Quickening of time and consciousness as we journey closer to zero point and total expansion into Light…A’Ho!


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