Ally Raye ~ July 10, 2022



Without the participation of your own fear, structures made of fear will collapse.

It Is So. ✨✨

Fear cannot exist where LOVE DWELLS.

You may be triggered, bullied, coerced into a state of fear- a state of heightened uncertainty- a state of desperation…

I ask you, beloveds, to remain in PEACE. Do not react. Instead, take a PAUSE. Breathe. Allow yourself to STEP OUT OF TIME.

YES- you can do this!!!

When you CHOOSE to BE PRESENT in the MOMENT OF YOUR BREATH- YOU STOP TIME. Outside of time, fear does not exist. Your old reactive programming does not exist!

What does exist is LOVE. What does exist is PEACE. And from this higher frequency vantage point, ALL SOLUTIONS ARISE IN LOVE.

This is true!! Try it for yourself and see!

What happens if you meet your fearful trigger or circumstance with LOVE?

LOVE is BEing called upon, THROUGH BEAUTIFUL BRAVE SOULS, to RISE in the face of every manner of conditioned external FEAR. As this RISE occurs, external structures built in fear begin to collapse.

Allow it all, so ONLY LOVE REMAINS.

Keep breathing. Show up in the face of fear and SHINE BOLDLY AS THE LOVE YOU ARE. And, watch what happens!! Watch how LOVE REVEALS ITSELF TO YOU!!


WE ARE IT!!! ✨✨


Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨✨

God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨✨

(Artist: Amanda Sage)

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