Stock Up NOW !! – July 9, 2022

Buckle up!!!

This what I have been Warning about ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

>>>👇<<< ///STOCK UP!!!..

China partially shuts world’s third largest port after SINGLE covid case, causes global supply fears!

The closed Meishan terminal processes 25% of cargo that passes through the Ningbo-Zhoushan port in eastern China, the world’s third-busiest cargo port.

The closure threatens more disruption to supply chains GLOBALLY, potentially sending commodity prices even higher.

Bloomberg reports Peru is already experiencing delays in some crops trade with China, one of its main economic partners.

“That whole circuit is disrupted when ports are closed due to the pandemic,” Gabriel Amaro, head of Peru’s agriculture industry group Agap told Bloomberg. “What happened at the beginning of the pandemic is repeating.


[CRASH] Ripple effect<…….

The World will glitch in the DARK moments coming… But ANONS are ready!!!

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China MiL. CCP

Cuts all ties & Comm.s to U.S.

Secretary of Defense/All CCp Warships in ocean gone silent;

/U.S. MIlL. has sufficient Evidence of CCP involvement of Biow.eapon creation in W.uhan/; EXPOSURE in MSM & msmChina evident>>




Last week i posted; RU MIL. build up in Keliningrad/:today in Belarus MiL army positioning north, west& South borders hidden in the battalions{RU forces}/

Putin} seemed to know since last week/EU & Belarus would come into major dispute>all EU flights stopped

:Oil sanctions talks

_Floods in East china displacement of 300,000 people MiL. Helping in 4 cities & hundreds of villages/Locals expecting Flood of the century as reported in Chinese News in May

;Concerns growing over THE GORGES DAM that could wipe out 100 million people in 6 hours

Trigger World EVENT

_The Durham Report is coming/

It had to be surpressed for awhile for many events to happen first;:

MSM turning on FAUCI/Gates

MSM exposing Wuhan

Audits. Az & others beginning


:That why [DS] trying to create WAR in ISREAL& w Russian


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[DS][MSM] C_ia trained leaders AN,TIFA/ planning to create major FF/ Will be dressed as 45 Patriots/

SAME PLAYBOOK!! Create riots. Storm building or Area, STAGED KILLINGS & SHOOTINGS_ACTORS..[MSM] captured footage

>>FB,I<<confirms (FF as Truth)

+Prepare AZ Patriots


The same psyops through the Obama years…/// This is the only play book they have.

I long ago warned of 4rth Generation Warfare. Grey Zones



This is happening in every major county & Will Erupt in Civil Wars

.. The MILITARY is aware in all countries. But like i have said before…. Summer on fire🔥


You don’t see it.. But countries are already burning…. Riots

And will continue…

To breaking points across the World


Sometimes you cannot tell people the Truth. You must show them.

_After the events of 2021 is done… It will go down in World History…. As time the World was almost completely lost… And at the last moment the grace of the Divine reached in and saved humanity.

These events must happen.. So People across the world can ensure this never happens again where a World global Satanic Elite ensnared almost every country with it’s grasp.. Mind control.. Health CONTROL.. Money control. Fesr CONTROL..

By the end of 2021 … Millions will have died from the Globalist Elite war on humanity.. Covid-19 (bio weapon attack) (sprayed chemtrails that mimic the Covid systems.. Breathing distinctions)(SARS released in 2020) Suicides, domestic killings both connected to lockdowns, Covid fears, lost of life hood..// vaccines deaths.. the shedding of vaccinated people who create protein spike and effect normal non vaccinated people…( This is only the beginning 2022 is the real death count of the vaccinated_ 18 month growing illness…. This subject is Huge)//.. people are already killing each other in other countries connected to the Plandemic… To out fall…

The last moments The Divine hand of the Creator will intervene where people actually see the Grace..

There are good people across the world fighting to save the WORLD.

The great DARKNESS…



Get your Spiritual armor on my friends


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