Telegram Today – July 8, 2022

A GREAT MAN, AND A GREAT LIFE!!! Rest in Peace, James Caan.








🔰 CCTV footage shows the detonation of the Georgia Guidestones.


Editor’s Note: As a clinical lab tech, I can tell you the genetic background for an individual does indeed open doors for the “ origins”, as well as blood type for any individual! Just sayin…:)


from an ANON to John.

About blood types/ groups

look at the mark.

A = Martians | Pleiadians

B= Reptiloids

O = Anunaki pure humans.

Here you find a list with blood types of the parents and the possible blood types of the child (parent 1 + parent 2 = possibility 1, possibility 2, possibility 3, possibility 4):

0 + 0 = 0

0 + A = 0 or A

0 + B = 0 or B

0 + AB = A or B

A + A = A or 0

A + B = A or B or 0 or AB

A + AB = A or B or AB

B + B = B or 0

B + AB = A or B or AB

AB + AB = A or B or AB

So it is quite possible, if both parents are reptos, that the children can get blood type 0. Anon Ralf






The destruction of the old world Bells, resonators.


Chrystia Freeland is now saying that bringing in the centralized digital slave state is modest and humble.


Better figure out how to thrive in the woods ASAP.


4 thoughts on “Telegram Today – July 8, 2022

  1. I thrive in the woods very well, it’s safe here to some degree. I had freedom from the covidulastic pandemic. Did what I wanted went where I needed to go. Fought the mask at every store. Boycotted and left of they persisted.


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