Latest Telegram News! – July 8, 2022

– Epstein Island Shut down

– Ghislaine Maxwell exposed/jailed

– Roe V. Wade overturned

– Georgia Guidestones – dismantled

– Fauci Bioweapons exposed

– Ukraine Biolabs exposed

– 2A CCW Rights expanded

– DC Bureaucracy Regulatory Power –


– Public School CRT/Grooming – exposed/

being reversed

– Disney Grooming exposed/curtailed

– State Election laws massive reforms

Things look bleak, but these are monumental wins against the world’s greatest evil forces.

Thank you President Trump ❤️

Channel: @JFK_TV




What would happen if Russia launched a nuclear war? Study shows firestorms would block out the Sun and trigger a ‘Little Ice Age’ – resulting in crop failure and ocean famine

Russia has issued several doomsday threats to the West amid heightened tensions over Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.


I quit listening to X22Report over a year ago. Dave does put things together nicely for people to follow and understand though. Here is a short clip of last night’s episode. What do you think?



Empire strikes back🥺


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