Telegram News Tonight – July 7, 2022


Enter the quantum field

With the demolition of the Georgia Guidestones, the low-frequency matrix network is weakening immensely.

Imagine these stones with the evil intentions written on them, for having manipulated the divine frequencies of the divine magnetic vortex field in Georgia.

Like other power vortex fields, the world magnetic field chakras connected by the ley lines that cover our beautiful planet like vains provided us with divine energy.

In ancient Lemurian times, sacred healing temples and pyramids were placed in these exact vortex fields to empower and uplift the unified collective field and the individual human field connected to these powerhouses. Sacred geometry, science, astrology and highly divine rituals that were aligned and received by the Light came directly from the Source, God.

The mystic lines were the connection between the spiritual dimensions and the physical realm in which divinity was reflected in abundance, health, peace and happiness.

Shamans, healers, and lightworkers functioned as the technicians, doctors, and leaders of the communities to bring balance and alignment with all aspects of nature.

The mystic lines were hacked, tainted and manipulated by the dark. Stones, statues, churches, and buildings that were placed on energetic lifelines no longer aligned with Source.

The spiritual blockage separated humanity from the Source of it, the pure Love and Light as part of our Life force.

A human mind that then begins to believe and accept the dogmas of the church and the elite that God can only be found outside, that he is mortal, full of sin and destined to suffer, becomes a weakened and abused victim imprisoned in the matrix. , food for predators to feed on.

The liberation of humanity in this Great Awakening is greater than the human eye can see.

The battles between the dark and the Light take place behind the scenes.

Step by step, the playbook is being torn down and the walls of the matrix are being dismantled.

The war that is being waged and the repair, cleansing and healing of the energy field, the human field and the healing of the minds of men will slowly begin to manifest on earth in examples of this liberation.

Georgia Guidestones is one.

The moment of the dismantling of the matrix has to be aligned and in phases so that we can integrate and find balance.

At the same time; expect a counter pressure response from the other party, but remember that the force of the Light is immense.

WE ARE immense (mens=human)

WE ARE divine


Darkness will fall as the Light begins to shine more brightly.

shine dear

Clear your field.

Feel your power.

Connect to crystals on earth to activate the crystalline field through your channel.

Connect to the Light Source.

Connect to Spirit awareness.

The breath, the pulse that creates worlds: a New World.

Feel the Love of this God force flow to you and through you.

This is the Great Awakening and the liberation of humanity.

The old days of healing energies, temples and communities that lived in peace, harmony and mutual love will return.

We are entering the quantum field of freedom.

The door is open.


H/T Danielle


Really stormy and windy tonight


JFK Sr. Is under the Trump mask


S x Z = Q911



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