(Starship Earth) July 7, 2022: And Down They Go [videos]


There was plenty of humour surrounding the fall of the cabal’s guidestones. Some joked that Trump did it. Others… well, you know. Russia did it.

The liars will never stop lying.

(1/3) The GBI is releasing surveillance video from this morning’s explosion that destroyed the Georgia Guidestones. pic.twitter.com/Vo3RyjDxdN

— GA Bureau of Investigation (@GBI_GA) July 6, 2022

What we also learned later on the 6th was that the Guidestones were toppled on George W. Bush’s birthday. I think that tells us who dunnit, don’t it? Not the cabal. Not Kandiss Taylor. It also underscores that dates are very important to the Earth Alliance. They like to send pointed messages to the El-ites.

Later in the day, Phil G. did a podcast which was very good except that he was cut off again just before he dropped his verified intel, and the fact that he was under the weather as so many have been recently, for whatever reasons. Despite that, he did a follow-up video to deliver the intended intel in part 2. Good stuff.

Phil says it was DEWs that took out the Georgia Guidestone column in the small hours of the morning. [directed energy weapons — which explains the accuracy]. He also says the television news from Australia saying the election was overturned, Biden is out and Trump is recognized as the valid President was true. Obviously, if that were announced it would be mayhem in America and probably violent and the Earth Alliance does not want that so it will be handled covertly with more charades. Sigh.

Phil reported today that a federal judge ordered the reopening of the Epstein files. Sounds like the X Files. Some will find the truth less believable than the X Files. Watch Phil’s updates at the links below.

Part 1 is here, and the conclusion is here.

I have another long airport run today so this will be short, but there’s so much happening.

Boris Johnson caved to pressure and officially resigned as PM in Britain but will remain in place until a replacement is elected. The 44 cabinet members who left may stay gone. We’ll see. Some are saying they want BoJo gone NOW, not in the autumn.

there is no fuckin way BoJo actually said “Thems the brakes” in his resignation speech he’s not serious at all lol pic.twitter.com/bGeIqvuduQ

— mansa musa (@_gnossos) July 7, 2022

The Dutch farmers were inspired by the Canadian truckers and there was social media evidence the farmers towed away unwanted police cars!

🇮🇹 ITALY: Mass protests calling for the resignation of their WEF puppet Prime Minister Mario Draghi

Will he fall too? Along with BoJo and Macron? Are we finally going to see heads rolling?! pic.twitter.com/957RgoyP3k

— Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil (@ivan_8848) July 7, 2022

Italy is up in arms on the streets, as are the Germans, Poles, and others. Link to Telegram. 

German farmers also rise up. Dutch, Italian, Polish and German, this is growing into a global movement.

Polish farmers also rise up in Warsaw: “That’s enough! We won’t let ourselves be robbed!” They accuse the political class of destabilizing production by raising interest rates, which does not stop inflation: “We workers cannot pay for the crisis created by the politicians!” pic.twitter.com/waEUoO5zrs

— RadioGenova (@RadioGenova) July 7, 2022

🇲🇰North Macedonian capital sees violent protests against the government’s decision to accept the French proposal to start EU negotiations. pic.twitter.com/otbjkMW3Cs

— We The Fringe (@DaleFourTrump) July 7, 2022

The Biden circus isn’t even funny any more after he fastened a medal around someone’s neck backwards. Worst of all, there’s an image circulating of Nancy Pelosi with a Trump tattoo on her chest. You can’t unsee that. Yuck.

Suzanne Ward channeled a July 1 message from her son Matthew on the other side of the veil and it is one of the best general explanations of what has happened and IS happening, for those who need clarity. Thanks to the crew for pointing to this one. Use this link to read the update or https://www.matthewbooks.com/july-1-2022/

As for the pedophiles and pedovores…

Police arrest 130 suspected human traffickers in European crackdown

U.S. Military Destroys Child Trafficking Tunnels in South Carolina

A press release: See the website and more information here.


July 7, 2022     Press Release CSPOA


CSPOA Strongly Encourages Sheriffs and Local Law Enforcement to Investigate Alleged Election Fraud in Their Jurisdictions


I think it’s clear that the dismantling of the cabal is in full swing. It’s in our faces and cannot be ignored.

Before I sign off, I want to caution people who may think about buying one of the “mosquito killing lamps” currently passed off as a viable solution in ads tacked on YouTube videos and probably other places. This is a total scam. The fine print on the package insert which is covered in Chinese says it’s suitable for indoor use only, while the website shows a family sitting in front of their tent.

Who has mosquitoes in their home? The video shows a cup brimming with thousands of mosquitoes caught in the trap after being sucked in by the fan and when you plug it in, you know from this pathetic fan it doesn’t have the power to suck in a gnat, never mind a mosquito. It has a USB cable, so that should be a clue, my other half tells me.

They have fake reviews on their website that are 97% favourable and all kinds of bullcrap about what wonderful quality it is and how well it works; some people report to have bought one for every room in their home and others use it on a ranch. BS. They wrote these reviews and posted them.

If you contact customer service, you get an automated reply from a machine, not a person, that doesn’t even reflect your comments or answer your questions. All it said was that it could be used indoors or out. A blatant lie. The marketing around this piece of crap is phenomenal and it’s completely misrepresented. They have the unmitigated gaul to tack this on the bottom of their email: “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

I’m willing to bet that if I left a review as their website indicates, it wouldn’t see the light of day. They would delete it.

Their return centre is outside the US so in order to get the unit, try it, and return it within the specified 30 days would take too long and cost more than the value of it. They also charge a 20% processing fee for returns so it’s cheaper to throw it in the trash where it belongs and eat the cost of it. They don’t tell you it comes from China, but when there’s an extra fee for the exchange rate tacked on to the credit card charge, you know it’s from a foreign source. When I see “tiger” in the name I suspect it’s Chinese.

I have learned that no matter what you purchase, whether it’s eye glasses or furniture, these Chinese vendors have no ethics and will say anything to take your money. They will even pretend or suggest the products are made in America by “craftsmen”. Be sure to buy American. [or Canadian] Often it’s better to buy from a store where you know who you’re dealing with. End of sermon and rant.

The Chinese CCP is certainly well positioned to con the world about a fake pandemic. I am beyond fed up with lies, subterfuge, coverups, manipulation, imposters, con jobs, empty words and virtue-signalling, secret meetings and agendas, false advertising, CGI, selfish and greedy people, and predators of any kind. Trump speaks for me.

Gotta run. Tomorrow is another day. Catch up with you later.  ~ BP

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