BYE BYE BORIS ~ July 7, 2022


Thank God. Another piece of good news, complementing that of yesterday’s in Georgia.

Not holding out any hope of his future replacement being any better, after all Globalist is what Globalist does. At least though a Global push back is gaining momentum as more and more are finally seeing past the lies of these Demonic psychopaths.

Shame the harness never slipped. This entity’s guilty of aiding and abetting Genocide, and so much more. Looking closer at the photo I can picture a noose.

3 thoughts on “BYE BYE BORIS ~ July 7, 2022

  1. Yes Boris was one goofy guy. That fly-away hair made him look like a school boy. How the UK could have elected such a stooge is beyond me…but then maybe THAT election was manipulated too and the wrong ‘dude’ got in like here in the U.S…. He’s probably got another gig lined up in some circus where he belongs. Maybe he’ll team up with Tony Blair who was intensely Deep State.


  2. I’ve thought for decades they have been putting whoever they wanted in elected positions. Seemed they knew who won before the west coast polls ever closed let alone counted. They got caught once they’ve done it more. Nixon was the beginning of it.

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