The Consciousness of Humanity is Awakening.

As we Transend the Old Earth many will experience physical sensations of feeling lighter, also likened to walking between Two World’s.

Sometimes you may feel your physical body will feel like it’s not there.

This is Ok Dear Hearts this is part of the Ascension process.

There will be a Intergration period.

Many will experience a Hightened sense of where am I?

What’s happening?

This can be best described as having the body Morph in and out of this Physical plane of existence into a new plane.

Many times over the past Six years I Experienced this many times.

Where I would be seeing Visions of a world beyond the 3D Existence, the colours were vibrant and it was like I was peering into a Completely different world.

Also seeing Vibrant Energy.

Even now I’m seeing more Vibrant energy which is our Energetic bodies shifting into a Higher Vibration.

We Are Connecting with our Light Body.

Our Physicality is Upgrading everyday as we Embody more Light than ever before.

Many experiences previously not experienced by others is our Physicality Morphing into a New Alignment and Human being as we become Diamond Crystalline beings of Pure Light.

The more you Purge the more Light you will Embody.

You are Shifting into a Higher Vibration, Consciousness as the Physical System Upgrades and aligns with the Energetic System of who we are.

The Ley lines, Earth grids are also shifting and Realigning to the New Higher Frequencies.

The Earth Plain is also shifting physically as Gaia merges into her own Higher Frequency as well.

Your DNA Blueprint template is Recalibrating to the Original Template as we Embody more incredible gifts as we return to our original Template Encoded within us all.

Fear not Dear Hearts all is well.

Love you all Family of Light.


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