Rick Jewers ~ July 6, 2022


A supply of updated codes that involve all healing aspects and the timeline tributaries that lead to complete planetary healing have begun to be released from the Sun Son. An M1 flare this morning is the beginning of a series of applications of healing codes for the reality.

It is requested by All to anchor in the Healing Codices through the Anchoring of the White and Diamond Light Rays to a depth of 9 miles below the surface of Gaia Tara.

A very strong C7 Flare is assuring that most rest during the integration of the Healing Codices and Templates.

You must lay down and rest to allow for a full and thorough integration. This is at the physical cellular level in the DNA itself and You must discipline Your Auric Field to the statsis mode by also using the 12 D shielding. You are NOT required to know what the 12 D shielding is, if it resonates, You may say out loud That You are Activating Your 12 D shielding which keeps all other interference energies outside Your field during integration.

Yes, physical discomfort and slight ache and pain will accompany this process, for You are integrating an Etheric Codex into the physical Vessel.

In approximately 24 hours You will be required to update and upgrade Your Platinum Energetic Shield once the preceding post integration process is completed.

Love and Light

Rick Jewers

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