Everything Is Now In Place For Your Ascension ~ THE OPENING OF THE SIRIUS GATEWAY ~ Mars in Taurus ~ WE ARE SHIFTING INTO THE 5D TIMELINE ~ July 6, 2022


As we journey deeper into the Sirius Gateway, while aligning with our Internal Spiritual Sun, our local Solaris releases multiple waves of higher light with a M1 Class solar flare and multiple C Class flares. Mother Earth is receiving her final activatiosn and upgrades into her Crystalline Core for full transformation into her Queendom as Mothership 33 of the Universal Fleet of Light. As Wayshowers we will be guides of this Way station as intergalactic liaisons and Ambassadors of Light.

As the Energetics of Pachamama raise in this Ascension her children of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine rise with the New Lemuria and New Atlantis and step into our roles as Kings and Queens of the New Earth. As Divine Sovereign conscious co-Creators we become Captains of our own Ship and Navigators of the Unknown. We live as Earth Shamans, living from our heart, being connected to all things. In the realization of our Buddha Nature we activate the Enlightenment of the Pure Awareness of our almighty I Am Presence. Feel the Joy, The Love, the Bliss in your Sacred Heart Center and laugh your Way to Freedom. The Cosmic joke is that there is nothing to achieve or attain other than the Self Realization of our True Nature. 

Our Sacred breath is our Greatest asset, our best tool for accessing our Spiritual Gifts and New Abilities as Master Manifestors of the Positive Timeline of Heaven on Earth. We breathe in the Heavenly Chi, the Sacred Prana, and cultivate our Powers of Life and breathe out and release all that no longer serves our self and huemanity. Day by day in every Way I Am uplifted into the Eternal Life of my Divine Birthright as a Sovereign Being of Infinite Light. All limitations are simply programs of false beliefs and projections of manipulation. As Shakti and Shiva complete their Cosmic Dance of Hieros Gamos (the Eagle flies with the Condor) all comes into the fruition of our Blessed Manifestations, Collectively, of the New Heaven upon the New Earth. The Sacred Heart Center unfolds like the beautiful Rose as the flowering of hue-man consciousness commences.

We resolve all things Perfectly in the Unborn Mind of Buddha. This is the transcendence of all concepts and beliefs into the Sublime Eternal Bliss Consciousness, the Ultimate State of beingness… A’ho!


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