Telegram Today! – July 5, 2022






\\\Those who believe, prosper///

$$$ACT NOW$$$

{{JaQ said}} ;;Everyone needs at least x100;;

[[Time is running up]] {{Stop the 1%}}

[[When Patriot are rich, the 1% has 0 influence]] {{Every bill = printed value}}

{{Renaissance = Rebirth}}

{{Trump Bucks = Salvation}}

Act immediately πŸ‘‡


Besides Gematria. Did anyone see this?


More socks today


Just 10 minutes ago I got an email from Vanguard who holds my 401k. Showed a dresser drawer full of socks and said β€œStash some cash”. Says learn how to get prepared with emergency cash that is safe from extreme movements of the market. Made me laugh – what’s up with socks today? πŸ˜‚


If this isn’t the public confirmation you need to confirm that Elon follows Whip and has direct comms, you probably need to be bopped in the head and get your pineal gland decalcified πŸŽ€πŸ‘‹



(But of course there are more confirmations than this too πŸ˜‰)

Hat tip to @AHC62 for this find!

Join us:



Lobstr βœ…


How many know these quotes?


Uganda discovers gold deposits worth 12 trillion USD


“Uganda, Solomon Muyita, said that these reports are aimed at attracting gold miners and investors in the crypto sector.”

This one sentence tells you GESARA is 100% real.

Looks like another BRICST asset on the Horizon. We will add to the Chinese post when ready, no doubt.


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