Sun Sirius Conjunction & 4th July Celebrations ~ July 5, 2022


🎉July 4th Independence Day/ Birthday of USA was intended to align with the Sun Sirius Conjunction which usually takes place around July 4-7 every year and brings in codes of Spiritual Rebirth . Sirius is the Dispenser of The Blue Ray for Earth and the acting arm of Pleiades the Gateway via which we enter/ leave Earth Incarnation. The Blue Ray represents God’s Will and thus is often experienced as the Energy of Disruptive New Beginnings as we are a Planet/ experiment of Free Will. Free Will and Gods Will belong to the very same polarity of the Masculine and Feminine/ Spirit and Matter/ Dark and Light Polarity , and yet moving into completion / higher Spiritual evolution requires the very Union of this Duality…ie Free Will To Align with Divine Will.That is the Path to break the Infinity Loop of Karma and Reincarnation into Enlightenment/ Ascension/ Freedom ,Liberation and Sovereignty!!!

And it is these very qualities that were the aspirational goal to align with in choosing 4th July as its Independence/ Birthday for the USA.

🔥🌀However The Blue Ray is Destructive/ Disruptive Creation.Monad of The Blue ray is Lord Shiva, The Shiva Shakti / Ultimate Union of Polarities who brings in New Creation via his Cosmic Dance of Destruction (of all that no longer serves).

💙The Sun Sirius Conjunction is thus the Gateway to bring in New Codes of Rebirthing into God’s Will. It works like the Tower Tarot To burn down all that is not in alignment with God’s Will. If you are energy sensitive you can feel these codes instantly as sudden dehydration in the Body ,as they produce searing Heat to transform the old outdated energy circuits /dna. These are felt particularly at 3rd Eye(New Perspective), Throat and Solar Plexus (outward manifestation of New Perspective).

⚕️We are at the Turning of Ages. That which once stood will fall and something New will take its place, as History which has stood witness to the rise and fall of civilization, will tell us. The two so called “SuperPowers’ of this Present Earth Plane civilization are currently wobbling/ eroding their own foundations by undermining the Sovereignty of another. Time will tell how these Tower events of 2022 will impact the Turning of The Ages….

💙✨💙For Now we open to receive The Rebirthing codes of Freedom, Liberation and Ascension.A potent time for clearing your physical and energetic space and making elixirs and talisman encoded with your new Rebirth Intentions.

💙♥️The Blue Ray is also the Highest embodiment of the Ultimate Union, Shiva Shakti/ Sacred marriage within and without.

EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy

Be The Change You Want To See


Sa Kei Na

Sun Sirius Conjunction

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