Latest On Telegram Today – July 5, 2022

Central African Republic to tokenize the nation’s natural resources

The impoverished country has launched an ambitious crypto project that includes using Bitcoin as legal tender, attracting investment and creating its own metaverse.

“We are giving everyone access to the riches of our land. In other words, we are transforming them into equally valuable and important digital assets through an unprecedented new administrative and economic movement.”


Great find by @lockandloaded 🔥🔥🔥

CFTF goes after JPMorgan for fraud and manipulation 🤡

Isn’t it funny that we just posted JPM on yesterday? 😜 #ButThatsJustACoinkidink

Join us:



Lobstr ✅


Chinese city of 13 MILLION people is shut down for a week to avoid Covid ‘explosion’ after just 18 cases are recorded

Businesses, schools and restaurants in Xi’an will close for one week, officials said Tuesday, after the Chinese city logged a handful of Covid-19 cases as outbreaks nationwide strain Beijing’s zero-tolerance virus approach.



“Vote Senator Mack!” – Rhode Island Democrat State Lawmaker Twerks Upside Down for Your Vote in Latest Campaign Stunt




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