Inside the World’s Largest Science Experiment ~ July 5, 2022


Editor’s Note: Chaotic times are upon all of us in our individual lives calling for us to expand our consciousness to include using our hearts, not our heads. I choose to no longer support our failing health care system by working as a hospital Laboratory Director, and am asking you to make a donation, even if only $1. Your donation of any size, supports the continuation of this blog designed to educate, and inform you of spiritual and geo-political events on our world. Thank you for following your heart, making a donation if you are so lead, and then BEing in…

Quantum Joy!

Thank you to for supporting PBS. You can learn more at Dianna from Physics Girl visited CERN in Geneva Switzerland to find out what the detectors at the LHC are looking for, and dive into the fundamental question: what are particles?

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