Carolyn 144 GODCODE ~ July 5, 2022


primordial consciousness

It is safe to jump in and be open to the current changes and blessings that are happening around you. Sudden movement is carrying you ahead into a more stable life. It’s important to step into your power and fearlessly align with the energies, travel, communications and activities that are propelling you forward.

Trust that you are free from attacks and even supported in new ways than ever before to thrive. This may be hard to do as patterns of punishment and PTSD are still playing out in the subconscious mind. These suppressed emotions are releasing to recover your primordial consciousness.

Connect with your higher self and the Most High for direction. Chose to align with positivity, joy, and expansiveness. Speak what you desire into existence. Doing so will supersede the trauma mind and heart. It’s time to move on and attain what truly makes you happy, healthy, and free.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn


2 thoughts on “Carolyn 144 GODCODE ~ July 5, 2022

  1. It is hard to change that after a lifetime of being kicked and knocked down at every turn. Assert your rights they reign down harder. Display contempt you were punished even more. Everything down to asking permission “septic permit” to take a shit in this country is not freedom. Not being able to survive without being forced to make money, have a bank account, credit card, etc. No water without electricity. No money no electricity. It’s next to impossible. I’ve been trying to live without money for a couple years, can’t work.


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