Archangel Uriel: You Have Created A New Earth ~ July 5, 2022


I am archangel Uriel and I love you very much.

I also love this planet, Mother Earth.

She is my home! She is the greatest magnificent creator.

I am so very old, I even participated in the very creation of Earth.

The evolution needed time.

Time is an element.

Your development is going forward as anticipated by us.

An advice from me:

In your work as a warrior of love, you need to stay focused on yourself.

It all eminates from you and your vibrations that you have created throughout all of your hard work in your lifetime here.

It is easy to look outside of yourself, seeing many things, in this moment it is easy for you to forget your own important unique energy, that comes from you.

A picture says more than a 1000 words?

The greatest “weapon” of love that you have is YOURSELF, what you carry in your heart, body, spirit and soul.

All the troubles, all the hindrens, all the injuries is something you have worked dilligently with, and then you pulled the red thread through the eye of the needle and you created a wonderful transformation.

This was exactly what you came to earth to do.

To be a transformer. you are a tranformer of your own experiences. To pull the thread through the little eye of the needle and out back again into the eternal love energy.

You make way! You create a path!

For all the others that will follow.

Just as others already have paved a road for you, to be a transformer in this lifetime.

And you have created new paths, in this lifetime.

New roads that no one have ever seen before.

You have created an new earth.

The new earth is the new soil, where the seeds grow.

In the new soil flowers bloom that have never bloomed before.

We see flowers that bloom that have been forever green since the beginning of time on Earth.

And now they suddenly bloom for the first time.

And, we are so tremendously happy.

We are so proud of all you wonderful lightworkers of Earth!

You have made such an increadible work.

You have really created a new Earth, where love will flourish and where peace and respect for Mother Earth will be a natural way of living.

I love you


**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson


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