Whiplash – July 3, 2022

Today we should be launching “PROJECT GUARDIAN”

See if you can find the connections between CFO Mohanty & Rahul Arora.


I think with all the planes starting to ground across the Planet, warnings of another pandemic, masks coming back, stock markets collapsing, Crypto exchanges liquidating, and the list goes on and on, it is obvious that between July 3 [Daniel 7 3 -24 “THE STORM in the Bible” “4 New Beasts” is going to be fire🔥🔥🔥 July 4 – Independence Day, July 9 – Trump Alaska Rally?, July 10 Nikola Tesla Birthday, July 11[Genesis 7 11] Greatest Flood in Human History, 7/16 JFK Jr “CRASH” Anniversary, July 17 [Daniel 7 17]

Get those #Platform2020 Glasses on.

Twenty Twenty Vision.




Decertification Is Invitable!!!

Langlade County GOP, Wisconsin joins the state of Texas and Maricopa County, Arizona to unanimously reject the results of the 2020 Presidential Election and that Joseph R. Biden was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States and calls on all remaining 3143 Counties and County equivalents nationwide to pass a similar resolution commensurate with the illegal electoral conduct experienced in each respective county/state.


Flight Delay Chaos Begins As Delta Pilots Warn Of “Perfect Storm”

As of 1440 ET, FlightAware, a flight tracking company, reports 680 flights are delayed and 28 canceled.

Qdrop 1440











NATO-Gipfel in Madrid, Teilnehmer besuchen Prado Museum

Unterstützen Sie uns!

➡️ http://www.kulturstudio.tv


Exposing Satan



People! Rejoice!

We were heard, we were seen, we will be seen and we will be heard!

Oh people, oh followers of Q, how glad I am for everyone, I am very glad!

🔥Good news,

Binance will list our GESARA & NESARA assets within 3 months. The price has already risen x2 after this news and this is just the beginning

As I said, everything is going according to plan, everything is going according to plan Q.

Soon everyone will understand what NESARA And GESARA are and then people will realize that it is possible to live by different rules, by HUMAN rules where everyone is equal.

⚠️ Buy GESARA & NESARA assets until it is not too late!

❗️Asset Domain:

gesara.solutions (GESARA)

nesara.solutions (NESARA)



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