Natalia Alba ~ July 3, 2022


personal transformation

Beloved Ones,

We are about to enter into a harmonizing and healing month, whose main energies are going to help us move into a deep state of communion and soul retrieval, for the soul also needs time to recover, so it can come back again to be part of our earthly experience.

July invites us to move inward and learn how to communicate with ourselves, with our inner worlds, and with the Illumined Aspect of who we are, as the only way to receive authentic guidance. This is a month that reminds us of the importance of building a bridge from our human self, to our soul and monad, merging with them, so we can walk in unison.

During July we are heading into one of the most intense passages of the whole year – a Wisdom one that will last from the Solstice, passing through the 7/7 portal that also coincides with the Sirian one, as our Sun will align with it around July 4, until the Lions Gate. This month’s energies are going to affect us powerfully, giving us the opportunity to achieve higher levels of love, wisdom, and power.

A month that as its universal number 13 – 4 reduced – reminds us, is a month for personal transformation, and hence elevation if we first are willing to go into the depths of our being, where we can do all the necessary changes required for us to be more unified. 13 is the number of transformation, which simply means to move from a state of being to another. What determines our new state of being is our conscious choice to move from separation to unity or vice versa, for all is a matter of choice after all.

A transformation that does not have to be painful, unless we are not prepared to leave behind an aspect of our old self and all that is attached to it. This results in experiencing profound suffering, which does not come from the personal shift we are undergoing but from our resistance to letting go.

Letting go is our nature, we are constantly embracing and letting all go, even though we have created the illusion that we are linear beings. It is a time to adapt to change and rather than resisting it, open our hearts truthfully to what shall come, for it is law that when we let go, something else, more illumined, loving, is meant to occupy its place.

Number 4 – 13 reduced – represents the balance, the stabilization that comes when we have synthesized what was previously separated, and therefore in pain, and move into a more peaceful state of being, something that always comes after the proper inner shift required. We pass now to anchor these inner changes into the physical, which is also the same message that number 4 gives us at this time, a message to anchor the wisdom and clarity that descends to us into our human self,

The card that represents number 4, the Emperor, portrays the image of a powerful presence that has an abundant and stable reality, not because of some miraculous destiny, but because he has done the inner and physical work required, establishing the strong pillars for that to occur. Pillars that emerge from a profound, and previous, inner transformation.

Both essences from numbers 13 and 4 complement each other, as both are a result of the other. Essences that represent the energies that are also helping us planetarily speaking, and that will too join the galactic ones that are coming to support our evolutionary journey.

July is indeed a month of deep retrospection, communion, and descension, for it is how we can grow and move forward, by going inwardly and envisioning all we have achieved, and all that is yet to be conquered.

Have a blessed July, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba

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